Anorak News | Spurs: Kyle Walker is not a role model he’s just up for a laugh

Spurs: Kyle Walker is not a role model he’s just up for a laugh

by | 13th, September 2013

Roman Zozulya of Ukraine, front, vies for the ball with Kyle Walker of England during the World Cup group H qualifier soccer match between Ukraine and England at the Olympiyskiy national stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

LAST week Spurs and England defender Kyle Walker was the subject of a huge furore about his having huffed laughing gas on his summer holidays. He did nothing illegal. Recreational laughing gas was said to be a killer, but the Daily Mail was only able to back up its claim with very shaky evidence that it was. And other sources said that getting off your noggin on nitrous oxide was no worse than binge drinking – and how many footballer had done that over their summer break?

Still, Darren Lewis writes in the Mirror, which broke the story of Walker’s chemical laugh-in:

Villas -Boas has insisted Kyle Walker IS in the right frame of mind to play against Norwich tomorrow after the controversy surrounding the Nitrous Oxide balloon.

Phew. Walker is okay to play for Spurs against Norwich. Just as he was okay to play for England against the Ukraine in a vital World Cup qualifier.

And then we get this from Spurs coach Villas-Boas:,

“The player has assumed the responsibility of having failed to set an example, which I think is something that is honourable, but you wouldn’t expect him to do it again. He accepted the responsibility of having failed as a role model towards young people and I don’t think we will see the incident again.”

1. Why should Walker have to set an example in his off-field activities any more than another young man has to?

2. He’s not a role model. He’s a professional footballer. His career is not based on morals; it’s based on abilities with a football. To say Walker needs to possess and display more admirable morals than most because he’s good at football is unfair and stupid.

3. Young people are not all fools.



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