Anorak News | Kyron Horman: Dede Spicher cleared and Kaine’s steroids to boost the police plot

Kyron Horman: Dede Spicher cleared and Kaine’s steroids to boost the police plot

by | 16th, September 2013

File--In this Jan. 28, 2013, file photo, Kaine Horman stands in front of an age-progressed photo posted on the side of a truck trailer of what his missing son, Kyron, could look like now during an unveiling for media, Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, at a trucking yard in Pacific, Wash. Kyron Horman, then 7, disappeared in June 2010 from a Portland, Ore., school. The discovery of three abducted women in Ohio gives hope to Horman in finding his son.(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s look at the missing child in the news:

Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4, 2010. A month later, law enforcement informed the boy’s father, Kaine Hormah, they had uncovered an attempt by Terri Horman, his wife and Kyron’s step-mother, to hire a hitman to kill him. That led to Kaine deciding he wanted a divorce. No plot was ever proven.

In the days after the child vanished, Terri was seen with her friend DeDe Spicher. The police noticed.

DeDe Spicher has spoken to Blink On Crime. Spicher is the woman media have sought to implicate in a crime by dint of her  association with Terri, who has not been charged with any offence and maintains her innocence. Christina Stoy writes:

DeDe Spicher…revealed that after over 3 years of attempting to provide Multnomah County Sheriffs Office as well as Assistant Deputy Attorney Norm Frink with the necessary information they requested to clear her from any suspicion in the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Skyline second grader Kyron Horman; she has finally been cleared after passing a polygraph as part of her requirement under an immunity deal that has been sealed with the court. Unofficially cleared, that is.

Spicher and her attorney Chad Stavley, who have since refused all local media requests, would very much like the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and current District Attorney Rod Underhill to clear her officially and publicly.

Odd, indeed, that you have to clear your name when you have been charged with no crime, let alone stood trial. But long ago the disappearance of Kyron Horman became a witch hunt. With only one fact to go on – the child vanished – and no idea what crime if any befell him, the police have been allowing the media to apply pressure on Mrs Horman, the last person we know to have seen him. Her friendship with Spicher has come under intense media scrutiny.

Highlights of the interview are:

Spicher: At first, I think that they [police] really believed I was involved, and at some point I think they were talking more “accessory after the fact” because I got the impression ( although they did not share it with me) that Terri’s cell phone activity that day was nowhere near where I was, and my vehicle never left, nor did I…

Stoy: So in your opinion, you were clearly the linchpin of this case, they [LE] believed you held the key to solving it and/or implicating Terri exclusively at that point, they no longer entertained your involvement per se?

Spicher: I honestly don’t think I could say that I ever believed that they stopped treating me as some sort of suspect. I never felt that way, but yes, absolutely they 100% believe that Terri is responsible and I definitely believed we all had to be interviewed and scrutinized or whatever, but I really thought up until the meeting with Norm Frink that they [LE] would abandon that theory quickly because if they were positive I was the key, and I knew I was not, that would also eliminate Terri, who I did not and do not believe, but have no proof, was involved or knew anything.

The steroids?

Spicher: (laughs) touche’ . I was asked about it very vaguely in the beginning, I told them I had never used them, that I did not believe Terri ever did because she and I had similar views against using them and while we were on different supplement regimens when I was training for a marathon in 2008 I still remembered her to be knowledgeable about legal and effective nutritional supplements. I had no reason to believe she had ever used any kind of steroids. I can’t say conclusively she never did but it would shock me.

Stoy: Why shock you?

Spicher: Because a few years back I recall Terri telling me that Kaine was what she referred to as “juicing” and that his behavior had become very aggressive and well, impatient or overeactive with the kids and she had discussed it with him and he ignored her.

He had taken steroids, illegal ones? Do we see any evidence to back that up that claim? No. Stoy alleges that some police use illegal steroids. This is no big shocker. But can a clear link between them and Kaine be made? No. She does not establish one.

Spicher: She said that Kaine had been aggressive with her and impatient with the children and she attributed that to his “juicing”. She confronted him and she felt he did not listen to her. She told me that she then called a detective and turned in Kaine’s seller. The member at the gym, I used to know the name but I really can’t recall because I was in the early morning crowd and this guy was more afternoon, I presume when they were there or they saw him. I had stopped going to the same gym as them ater the first year or two I met them there.

Spicher: …Kaine had skeletons in his own closet sort of thing. She told her lawyer [Houze] and she said he instructed her to bring the syringes and the cancelled checks to his office. We did.

The allegation that she hired the gardener to kill Kaine Horman which led to a failed police sting:

Spicher: No, she told me she had no idea who was responsible for Kyron’s disappearance or why, and the only possibility she came up with after the fact because of his past behavior and the fact that he showed up at her door demanding $10,000 she had no idea what he was talking about, that it was the landscaper. He was the only person acting like a criminal at the time…

I asked DeDe if Terri mentioned ever paying Sanchez Estrada for work at the Horman home. She said she did not recall Terri ever saying anything other than she had no idea what he was talking about when he came to the door and asked for $10,000 so she slammed the door in his face and called 911.

Stoy: So did she think it was some sort of extortion attempt now that she had mentioned him to investigators and they told her that they had interviewed him?

Spicher: She thought that he was dangerous from her past experience.

Stoy: Did you think it was odd that with a brand new John Deere tractor parked outside that TH was hiring a landscaper? I was able to confirm through other sources that he cleared some blackberry or blueberry bushes similar to Ms. Von Klevelen, and the tractor does not have a UCC lien on it, meaning it was not financed.

Spicher: No, it wasn’t. Kaine bought it. It was Terri’s job to manage the inside of the house as well as the entire property. I knew that when Kaine would travel he would come up with this project lists for her to complete by the time he got home. I mean, like cleaning the gutters, cutting the grass, washing all the windows, that sort of thing. To the best of my recollection Terri and Kaine did not have bank accounts together- he controlled everything he made.

He controlled everything he made?

Stoy: Is it a fair question for me to ask how you feel about Kaine, from your tone I am sensing you are not a fan.

Spicher: I have tremendous compassion for Kaine- he lost his child- what can one even say about that? But no, he is not someone I would want to be friends with today and I was cordial to him whenever I was around him but he was very controlling and was pretty mean to Terri…

The police drip-feeding information

Stoy: Did Terri ever mention anything about conflicts with Desiree Young, whether they were between her and she or Kaine and Desiree?

Spicher: Not that I recall, but I also never heard her speak of Desiree negatively at any time previously or when I stayed with her [Terri].

Stoy: That is saying a lot because right after the sting Ms. Young was pretty accusatory pretty quickly- and I do note that was based on information from law enforcement. Similar to some of the things both she and Kaine said publicly about you. Are you angry about that?

Spicher: O my no. That poor woman is going through hell and acted on information that I was told, lie or not, was given to her and Kaine. I have nothing but compassion for her and I wish I could shoulder some of her pain because I can.. I have nothing but compassion for all of Kyron’s parents and any anger I have over how I was treated, what I went through would never be directed at them. I really pray that Kyron will be found, I choose to put my energy into hope for that.

In July 2010 The Oregonian wrote:

Investigators put pressure on Terri Moulton Horman’s friends, including DeDe Spicher

The article was written by the police’s tame journalist Maxine Bernstein:

Law enforcement investigating the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman have been putting pressure on a small circle of friends of his stepmom Terri Moulton Horman, including a 43-year-old Tualatin woman named DeDe Spicher.
Investigators searched Spicher’s condominium in Tualatin last week, and have interviewed people who saw Spicher on June 4, the day Kyron disappeared.

Spicher was a visible presence at the Horman house after Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, moved out and filed for divorce and a restraining order against Terri Horman in late June. She also was seen driving Terri Horman to and from her attorney’s office in downtown Portland.

Detectives learned that Spicher, who shares Terri Horman’s passion for fitness and gardening, was doing gardening work for a Northwest Portland homeowner on June 4. She abruptly left the house about 11:30 a.m. and didn’t return until an hour to 90 minutes later.

That police pressure was augmented by a statement from Kaine Horman, Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, and Desiree’s husband, Tony Young:

“She has not only been in close communication with Terri but has been providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son. Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron’s disappearance, not to cooperate as well.”

We got some background:

Spicher has served as the president of her condo association, and since April, was selected to work for Portland “Grocery Gardening” author Jean Ann Van Krevelen’s “Gardener to Farmer” Edible Gardening apprenticeship, learning gardening and cooking skills with the opportunity to take home a share of the harvest.

She sounds pretty ordinary and benign. But back to that aforesaid statement from the Youngs and Kaine:

“Good evening,

“We have been briefed by law enforcement on the most recent developments in Kyron’s case. We have been informed that they have identified a person that has been in close communication with Terri Moulton Horman since Kyron went missing and her name is DeDe Spicher. She has not only been in close communication with Terri but has been providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son. Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron’s disappearance, not to cooperate as well. We implore DeDe Spicer (sic) to come forward and cooperate with the investigators in any way that they need in order to assist us in finding our son. We will state further that if we find out through the investigation that she caused a delay in us finding our son due to her lack of cooperation, we will pursue civil remedies in this matter.

“We as a family cannot understand how anyone can look at Kyron’s smiling face, having information and choose not to help bring him home. Please remember what this is about, it’s about bringing a wonderful little boy back to his family.

“Desiree, Tony, and Kaine”

The police feed the loved ones who do their dirty work to name and shame woman who must be presumed innocent.

Meanwhile, the Hormans divorce is back in court. KPTV reports:

Stephen Houze, Terri Horman’s lawyer…wants to depose witnesses from Fred Meyer, Terri Horman’s gym and students from Skyline School who he claims will say she was not the last person to see Kyron.

Who did? Oregon reporter Kyle Iboshi tweets:

Judge will allow Terri Horman’s lawyers to depose teachers at Skyline School, but not classmates of Kyron Horman

So. Who can he quiz?

Terri Horman’s lawyers seek to question sheriff’s investigator Bobby O’Donnell about information he shared with Kaine Horman during the course of the investigation.

But the Multnomah County district attorney’s offfice objects to any questioning of O’Donnell, arguing that any material O’Donnell shared with Kaine Horman was “for criminal investigatory purposes” and should not be disclosed.

According to court papers, Terri Horman’s divorce attorney Peter Bunch counters that if police share information with members of the public, they then cannot claim the information must remain confidential.

“Here, it is apparent that the police waived the privilege, at least in part, by voluntarily divulging information to Husband and other citizens,” Bunch wrote in court documents. “The conversations the police had with those persons are not exempt from disclosure.”

Things aren’t moving fast.

Shortly after Kyron’s disappearance, Kaine Horman obtained a restraining order against his wife, which prohibited her from having any contact with their daughter. He said he believed Terri Horman was responsible for his son’s disappearance and had been involved in a murder-for-hire plot to kill him.

“In good conscience, this court cannot further delay the decision about whether to allow contact between the respondent and her young daughter without extraordinary circumstances,” Kantor wrote in his 7-page order.  “It would be harmful to Kiara’s best interests and welfare to postpone that discovery in a way which would postpone the trial.”

Attorneys and the judge expect that the earliest that a divorce and child custody hearing can proceed is May 2014.

Meanwhile…the child is missing…

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