Anorak News | The abortion-fearing gay-hating Gastonguay family are making one more bid to drown in Kiribati

The abortion-fearing gay-hating Gastonguay family are making one more bid to drown in Kiribati

by | 17th, September 2013



HANNAH Gastonguay, 26, and her husband, Sean, 30,  took a “leap of faith”. They would “see where God led us”.

With their two young children (newborn Rabah and Ardith, 3) and his father, the family left Arizona. They would aim for Kiribati, a place free of abortion, homosexuality and “the state-controlled church”. They would get there by Boat, sailing from San Diego.

Not far into the mission, storms lashed their boat. They drifted. And drifted. Supplies of milk and honey ran low. The boat was braking up. For 91 days they bounced around the ocean. Then a helicopter (surely, singed angel? – ed) spotted them.  were saved by Venezuelan fishermen. Then a Japanese cargo ship took them to Chile. There, the US State department paid for them to fly home.

Sean Gastonguay says he will repay the $10,000 the family borrowed from the US State Department for the final leg of their trip.

Said Hannah:

“We believed God would see us through… We were in the thick of it, but we prayed. Being out on that boat, I just knew I was going to see some miracles.”

Technology – choppers, hug liners, radar and the US immigration service – is miraculous if you own a pisspoor wooden boat.

Anyhow, having been led back to the USA by God, the Gastonguay gang going to try again.

Yep, having survived drowning, the family are going to make one more bid to reach Kiribati, the place that is reportedly…sinking.

Man the lifeboats:

Sean Gastonguay appeared on TruNews with Rick Wiles yesterday to discuss his plans to leave with his wife and children once again to escape what he perceives as anti-Christian persecution.

He also talked to Wiles about how he believes the Old Testament law should be the basis for taxation and government and discussed how immigration reform will lead to biometric scanning, one of the End Times broadcaster’s favorite conspiracy theories. 

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