Anorak News | Gargantuan 2-year-old has gastric bypass surgery

Gargantuan 2-year-old has gastric bypass surgery

by | 21st, September 2013

gastric band boy

NOT everyone wants to be the world’s fattest boy. A 2-year-old crunching the scales at  72.2lb (33kg) has had gastric bypass surgery.

The Saudi Arabian tanker was so fat he had bow legs and sleep apnoea.

Now aged four, the lad weighs 52.9lb.

The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports notes:

 “All of his tests were normal, but after four months of a doctor-prescribed diet, he gained 17 more pounds. How did it happen?”

Anyone care to guess? Mum..? Dad…?

“The results suggest that LSG can be a safe and effective alternative for weight control in morbidly obese children even of less than 3 years of age. However, more studies and long term follow-up is essential.”

In other news: biscuits.

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