Anorak News | Supporting Liverpool or Spurs makes you fatter than a Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal fan

Supporting Liverpool or Spurs makes you fatter than a Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal fan

by | 22nd, September 2013

DOES supporting Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal make you slimmer than supporting Liverpool or Spurs? A recent survey fond that Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire has been named as the “fat capital of the UK”. The place has six times the national average of obesity-related hospital admissions.

Can that bulk be linked to support for the areas professional football clubs, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Mansfield Town? When they fail to win, as they often do, do the fans eat more?

study makes a link between saturated fat consumption and your team’s results: fans eat 16 percent more fat after a defeat and nine perfect less after a win.

Does it follow that Liverpool fans healthier in the 1980s, when the Reds were Number 1? Are Manchester City fans now in better shape then ever before? The scientists tell us:

It wasn’t just about eating saturated fats, either. Overall calorie consumption went up by 10 percent after losses, and down by 5 percent after wins.

Chandon says the connection between eating and sports outcomes was off the charts in the cities where following the local football team was tantamount to a religion.

“When we look at the behavior of people living in cities where football is really important…then the performance of the team has an even greater impact on what they eat,” Chandon says.

On a still less bright note, a person’s risk of a heart attack rises with each defeat.

Perhaps the key to thinness and a healthy heart is to reduce expectations or back a big team that wins a lot? Look out for the Government’s medics endorsing Manchester United (asa Qatar does with Man City) with a new health tax or getting the nation behind bottom-of-the-league Accrington Stanley…


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