Anorak News | The Daily Mail returns to leer at ‘leggy’ nine-year-old Leni Klum

The Daily Mail returns to leer at ‘leggy’ nine-year-old Leni Klum

by | 23rd, September 2013

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THE Daily Mail continues to leer at young girls.

Back in January, thy Mail said that Heidi Klum’s daughter was a “leggy beauty”.

Heidi Klum’s daughter is eight years old. She is the Mail’s “lovely Leni”.

After the paparazzi man gawped at her and followed the child with his lens, the Mail’s caption writers set to work:

“All eyes on me: The eight-year-old showed off her best model walk through the parking lot…”

Model walk may be defined as: hold hands with your mum and put one foot in front of the other as a stranger takes pictures of you.

So. Did the Mail learn from the furore that followed? Yes. And no. The Mail removed a couple of photos of Leni walking. And then it produced this on September 22:

Heidi Klum is biker chic in leather jacket and boots as she hits the mall with children and boyfriend Martin Kristen

Heidi showed off her statuesque frame

Showed off is defined as: wore clothes in public.

Young Leni is by her mother’s side. She features in three photos. In one she is holding her dolly with one hand, onto her mother with the other and looking down at the ground. Anyone sane may think the kid is looking scared and wanting to be left in peace to enjoy a day out with her mum. But the Mail’s caption writer illustrates Porsche Simpson’s bullshit by telling readers:

Model in the making: Klum’s daughter Leni has model stems like her mommy


PS-  Good job the Mail’s there to highlight the danger of online paedos and gawp at curvy flirty Chloe MoretzDakota FanningLourdes and Bella Thorne.

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