Anorak News | Samantha Lewthwaite: getting inside the knickers of ‘Pubic Enemy Number 1’

Samantha Lewthwaite: getting inside the knickers of ‘Pubic Enemy Number 1’

by | 26th, September 2013

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SAMANTHA Lewthwaite: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the British widow of a 7/7 bomber in the news. The media has been speculating that Lewthwaite was the mastermind of the attack on the Nairobi shopping mall that saw scores of people murdered by Islamists.

Daily Mail: “Sexy lingerie found at home of ‘White Widow’: Officers ‘uncovered colourful underwear in search of Kenyan safe house'”

What were they looking for amongst her smalls?

British anti-terror officers yesterday told a court how a colourful selection of sexy underwear was found at one of the ‘White Widow’s’ Kenyan safe houses. Giving evidence at the trial of Samantha Lewthwaite’s accomplice, Jermaine Grant, in Mombasa, Scotland Yard counter-terrorism detective Robert Garrick said police retrieved a collection of pink, black and red lingerie along with the Muslim convert’s birth certificate.

We reported on that back in March 2012. Back then the Mail asked:

Is Samantha ‘innocent’ widow of 7/7 bomber really an Al Qaeda terrorist?

The Mail has yet to answer its own question, although it did tell readers earlier this week:

Terror raid ‘led by white widow’: Gang mastermind in veil barked orders at gunmen in mall massacre that left three Britons dead

Although that might not be true. We’ve yet to see  any evidence that Lewthwaite had any role in the massacre. But it is alleged she plotted heinous acts:

Both Lewthwaite and Grant, 29, from Newham, east London, have been charged with planning to cause the loss of lives and possessing bomb-making chemicals. These include electrical switches, acetone, hydrogen peroxide and ammonium nitrate – the same chemical used by Lewthwaite’s husband Jermaine Lindsay when he blew up a Piccadilly Line tube in 2005, killing 26 people.

Serious stuff. So why focus on some knickers?

After all Punjab News says Lewthwaite is “Pubic Enemy Number 1”. Maybe showing the enemy in their undies reduces them to a luguhing stock?


The Express asks:”Did housewife Samantha Lewthwaite mastermind Nairobi siege?”

They know.

Daily Star: “KENYA MALL MASSACRE: White Widow link dismissed by terrorist group”

Al-Shabab state:

“We have an adequate number of young men who fully committed and ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah and for the sake of their religion, so there is no need for us to employ our sisters in the battlefield and thereby expose them to unnecessary risk.”

The Guardian:

The British home secretary, Theresa May, supported the UK official line by saying next to nothing about claims that Britons were a part of the terror attack. On a visit to Pakistan, May said: “I’m aware of the reports that there has been a British woman involved.

“At this time until we’ve seen the investigation completed, it’s not possible to comment further. As I indicated earlier, I’m not able to give further details.”

What we do know is that after she left the UK, Lewthwaite went to South Africa to work in IT.

News 24 reports:

A British woman thought to be linked to the Nairobi mall attacks was a quiet woman who worked as an IT specialist in Johannesburg, a report stated on Thursday.

Samantha Lewthwaite is wanted by Kenyan police for alleged involvement in a separate terror plot, and is believed to have entered Kenya from Tanzania in February and August 2011 using a South African passport in the name of Natalie Faye Webb.

Eyewitness News reported on Thursday that it had established that Lewthwaite was a quiet woman who worked as an IT specialist at a Lenasia pie factory.

It was also revealed that members of the police’s counter-terrorism unit, the crimes against the state unit and the State Security Agency held a meeting on Wednesday night after it was revealed that Lewthwaite was using a South African passport…

What was she like?

Residents of the Johannesburg neighbourhoods where a British woman thought to be linked to the Nairobi mall attacks is believed to have rented properties, say they do not remember having seen her.

Of course Lewthwaite has not been convicted of any crime. Still…

NYPost: “I survived the ‘White Widow’”

A shop worker who survived the Kenya mall terror attack says she was ducking bullets when she locked eyes with a female shooter who might have been notorious UK fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite — known as the “White Widow.”

“She stopped and aimed at me, and then opened fire,” the worker, who gave her name only as Caroline, said as she recounted how she hid under a mall kiosk cart as the armed woman opened fire on her from a balcony one floor above her during the deadly siege at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall.

Canada’s Global News has a question:

How did Samantha Lewthwaite become the ‘White Widow’?

Well, she was born white and her husband killed himself.

In the Irish Indy Ian O’Doherty writes:

A couple of years ago, I spent some time interviewing some Irish people who had converted to Islam.

One of the reverts (they say they have ‘reverted’ back to God’s grace) I spoke to was a perfectly nice woman with a typical Cork sense of humour.

She was quite lovely and friendly and cheerful and, in time, the conversation turned to suicide bombings. As ye do.

She expressed sympathy for ‘innocent’ victims but was frank in her admission that if she knew someone was about to engage in a suicide bombing, or “martyrdom operation” as she referred to it, she wouldn’t alert the authorities because: “I could never inform on a Muslim brother, I would instead try to persuade him to make sure that he was clear in his heart that it was the right thing to do.”

Which was nice.

Such are the facts…

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