Anorak News | Princess Diana was murdered by Robin Cook and other claims that clear the media

Princess Diana was murdered by Robin Cook and other claims that clear the media

by | 26th, September 2013


IT’S been pretty well established that paparazzi and the papers had a role to play in the death of Princess Diana. The Daily Mail was so contrite it famously stated that it would no longer buy paparazzi photos. And then it realised readers could see the crashed car all over the web so it went mad and bought up every paparazzi photo in the world and started ogling kids.

Today the Mail says the media had no part to play in Diana’s death whatsoever. It was the SAS wot dunnit.


Daily Mail Reporter reports:

An [sic] sniper who claims the SAS were involved in a plot to kill Princess Diana has reportedly fled to Thailand in fear of his life.

If you are in fear of your life you would let it be known that you were heading to Thailand? Would you let the Daily Star track you down?

The anonymous soldier is said to be laying low in south-east Asia as police investigators probe claims that members of the Army helped cause the car crash that killed Diana in 1997.

That would be the single claim made by an SAS soldier of questionable repute.

It has been claimed that special forces agents shined a light into the eyes of Diana’s driver, which led to him losing control of the car and hitting a pillar in a tunnel in Paris.

Sure, he was speeding. Sure, he’d been drinking. Sure, Diana wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Sure, the paparazzi were right behind them. But you need to focus on the light.

The sniper – known only as Soldier N – made the claims to police investigators, leading to the inquiry into the Princess’s death being reopened. But he fled the country before Scotland Yard could properly examine the evidence, which was handed over by the Royal Military Police, reported the Daily Star.

The Daily Star reported:

Soldier N, who claimed the SAS assassinated Diana, disappeared before authorities could speak to him. It is believed he is now hiding in south-east Asia, adding to fears Diana’s death riddle might never be solved.

Why Thailand?

An insider said: “He will not be welcome in the Middle East as there is a large community of former SAS personnel who use Dubai and other locations as a base for their work. Those in the regiment will not be happy with his comments about Princess Diana. In the eyes of the SAS he brought the unit into disrepute and in military terms he will be ‘blackballed’. It is also expensive to live in the Gulf states and I don’t believe that he has the resources to sustain a new life there.”

And how does the Star back up its fact-light scoop? I|t issues lots of stories, like this one:

Princess Diana was ‘a lamb to the slaughter’

Go on:

Ken and Jo Dobson say the late Princess sends them signs and they once saw her spirit in place of an angel on top of a Christmas tree


Mystery death of key MP witness in Diana’s ‘murder’

POLICE probing a possible SAS link to Princess Diana’s death are being thwarted because of the mysterious death of a top UK politician.

Robin Cook, who was Foreign Secretary when Diana died, would have had the ultimate say about any plan to kill her.

He would?


So detectives leading the new Scotland Yard inquiry into the Princess’s death would have been anxious to question him. But the apparently fit and healthy Mr Cook died in 2005 while walking on a remote Scottish mountainside.

A helicopter took 30 minutes to get to the scene after he tumbled just 8ft down a ridge. Mr Cook’s wife, Gaynor, did not get in the helicopter and was instead left to walk down the mountain.

And there was this:

Princess Diana death probe unearths shocking new claims

Shocking news claim. Not shocking new facts.

THE latest probe into the death of Princess Diana was blown open yesterday by two sen­sational new claims…

Investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre, 47, who has produced a number of award-winning TV documentaries, uncovered the new claims.

Anorak can unearth new claims with less effort. But so long as we know the media had no part of play in Di’s death, all is well on Fleet Street…


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