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Katie Holmes: Quite mental without Tom Cruise

by | 26th, September 2013



EVERYONE worried about Katie Holmes when she was married to Tom Cruise. Everyone assumed that she had been kidnapped by Scientology and that she was going to be all weird, like Cruise was going to use her like a puppet.

However, everyone was wrong. That’s because Katie Holmes is quite capable of being a bit weird all by herself.

See, Holmes – once an A-Lister – has landed a role as the face of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise’s 100th birthday celebrations. Read that back. Katie Holmes, the face of century old mayo.

Imagine the smell.

Holmes celebrated one hundred years of eggy-based condiment at a party in New York and inanely grinned at cameras, posing next to a cake that looked like a jar of mayonnaise.

She said: “I love food. I’m working on being a better cook. I flourish at pancakes. I do sea bass, too. Every little thing I do, I take a thousand pictures and send them to my older siblings. ‘See, I can do it, too’.”

She then drank a yard of mayonnaise. Possibly.

Holmes and Hellmann’s also broke the Guinness World Record for longest picnic table ever created, with over 400 people sat at the 320ft table, decorated with flowers in empty Hellmann’s bottles, as they gamely forced down chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes.

Katie Holmes there. Queen of off-eggs.

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