Anorak News | We should be revolted that Gordon Brown’s Labour advocating shooting the plebs

We should be revolted that Gordon Brown’s Labour advocating shooting the plebs

by | 26th, September 2013


HOW close did Gordon Brown come to setting the military on the people? In his book on his time with Brown, Damien McBride quotes the then Prime Minister fretting about the banking crisis:

“You don’t understand… If the banks are shutting their doors, and the cashpoints aren’t working, and people go to Tesco and their cards aren’t being accepted, the whole thing will just explode.  If you can’t buy food or petrol or medicine for your kids, people will just start breaking the windows and helping themselves. And as soon as people see that on TV, that’s the end, because everyone will think that’s OK now, that’s just what we all have to do. It’ll be anarchy. That’s what could happen tomorrow. I’m serious, I’m serious . . . We’d have to think: do we have curfews, do we put the Army on the streets, how do we get order back?

“I’d have to resign — but I couldn’t go if there was just carnage out there: someone would have to be in charge.”

And that is the Labour Party of the people talking about locking up the voters to save itself. What utter elitist swine.

The plebs won’t got after the bankers and politicians; they’ll dolts will watch looting on the telly and turn to thieving. Was there ever  bigger symbol of how removed from us the elite are? The problem is not their greed and incompetence; it’s the people’s potential for lawbreaking that scares them.

Remind us: how many bankers went to prison for the crisis? And know that you can go to prison for just thinking about committing a crime if you’re poor and feared.


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