Anorak News | Liverpool: Tesco cashier not sacked for telling shopper not to buy the Sun

Liverpool: Tesco cashier not sacked for telling shopper not to buy the Sun

by | 26th, September 2013


DID the cashier at the Tesco store do wrong when she told a customer not to buy The Sun because of its Hillsborough coverage? No, of course she didn’t. We like the idea of supermarkets being local shops, and with that should come the prejudices of the local shopkeeper and their staff.

When working as a reporter I used to buy all the national newspaper titles every day (and read them cover to cover). My newsagents would looks at the Daily Star in my hand and asked me if my lips moved when I read it slowly. The Tesco Sun readers is free to make their own decision; and free to be mocked for making it.

The BBC reports that Tesco “refused to say whether it took disciplinary action against the employee at the Allerton Road store”.

And that rather implies that it did, doesn’t it? Instead of looking sane Tesco issued a statement:

“We are here to serve our customers and to ensure they can buy the products they want.”

Clearly, there is demand for the Sun on Merseyside because Tesco didn’t get to be a money-making machine by selling things people don’t want.

Liverpool’s Labour Mayor Joe Anderson then got into the story by tweeting:

“Girl on till in Allerton Tesco, needs to be talked to not disciplined. She speaks for me and most people in this city, don’t sell it.”

From don’t buy it, the message is now don’t sell it. Does Anderson not trust the Liverpudlians to boycott the paper and think for themselves? Censorship is for fools and those with something to hide…


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