Anorak News | After Fulham: Where does the Michael Jackson statue go now?

After Fulham: Where does the Michael Jackson statue go now?

by | 27th, September 2013


THIS week  Fulham uprooted Michael Jackson, or rather a statue of the King of Pop. It turns out it really was a statue and not a 7feet tall Jacko standing very still so as to start over.

Once upon a time, Mohamed Al Fayed created this effigy to the King of Pop and said anyone who didn’t like it could “go to Hell”. Jackson was, after all, a Fulham fan, although not in the same vein as Citizen Smith or Keith Castle (1st British Heart Transplant patient) because he only went to won match. In 1999, Jackson was there to see Fulham beat Wigan 2-0.

From then onwards whenever alone at Neverland, Jackson would make kids visiting his home join in a rendition of There’s Only F In Fulham and read up on Cottaging.


So. Now that the statue has gone, where now for it?

We’d like to see big Jackson appear in all the places he ever visited, such as Wembley Stadium, the male changing rooms at Harrow Leisure Centre, Rediffusion’s head office in Hull, Cubicle 3 at Newcastle Central Station and all branches of MFI.


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