Anorak News | Samantha Lewthwaite: it’s like Robert Murat and Chris Jeffries never happened

Samantha Lewthwaite: it’s like Robert Murat and Chris Jeffries never happened

by | 27th, September 2013


SAMANTHA Lewthwaite is the world’s most wanted woman. Well, so says the Daily Mirror of the white woman who married a brown man who went on to murder 26 people in the 7/7 attack.

Interpol, who have issued an arrest warrant for the British fugitive. But they might not have to look that far. On September 23, the Mirror asked:

Is White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite dead? Woman terror suspect killed as troops storm Nairobi shopping centre

And it must be her because the Mail said there was only one woman on the attack and she was Lewthwaite, who barked orders at gunmen in mall massacre”. (The Mail then set about swooning at her knickers.)

If Lewthwaite is ever proven to be not-guilty of whatever crimes she has been linked to, she’ll be in for the kind of payment that makes monies paid to media monsters Robert Murat and Chris Jeffries look paltry.

ABC notes:

British police are trying to obtain DNA samples from the family of the so-called “White Widow,” wanted fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, to see if there is a match with any of the bodies found in the rubble of the Westgate terror attack in Kenya.

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Back to the Mirror, which is oblivious to the concept of innocent until proven guilty and writes:

White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite: Warning world’s most wanted woman could be planning ANOTHER atrocity

The Mirror then speculated that she “may be using her three kids to avoid detection”.

Because a white woman and three young kids wandering about Somalia makes her harder to spot.

Having introduced that balls, Russell Myers adds:

However, she may have also had to split up the two boys and a girl in a bid to foil police as they close in.

Yeah, she might have done that. Maybe.

And about Lewthwaite being the world’s most wanted woman. On the Interpol website, the first 10 pages of the Wanted Persons section feature six women, none of whom as Lewthwaite.

The FBI says the most wanted woman is Joanne Chesimard – she’s the only woman on the list of Most Wanted Terrorists.

Such are the facts.


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