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Samantha Lewthwaite: the Irish and British girl who turned from an ‘angel’ to the devil

by | 28th, September 2013

SAMANTHA Lewthwaite wasn’t always known as The White Widow. Today the Sun asks in its leader:

SAMANTHA Lewthwaite’s transformation from the innocent, unwitting widow of a 7/7 bomber into a “most-wanted” terrorist is — quite literally — incredible.
Police believed her story after the London attacks in 2005. So did we.

It might well be incredible. Lewthwaite is on the run. She’s not been convicted of committing any crimes. She was not a terror suspect while living in the UK.

An Interpol statement said she was “wanted by Kenya on charges of being in possession of explosives and conspiracy to commit a felony dating back to December 2011”. Frank Gardner, the BBC‘s security correspondent, says it relates to an alleged plot to bomb a number of tourist resorts on Kenya’s coast two years ago.

“This was serious enough for the Foreign Office to upgrade its travel alert for Kenya, and for Scotland Yard detectives to fly out to Kenya to investigate,”

The facts are few. And what we do know about her is mostly what occurred before she headed to Africa. The Sun is so ignorant of the facts if can’t decide what nationality she is:

IRISH terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite was wanted worldwide last night after Interpol issued a “Red Notice” order for her arrest.


lewthwaite 1


In the British edition, Lewthwaite has a different identity:




Samantha Lewthwaite’s father is English soldier Andy Lewthwaite. Her mother is Christine Allen. They met while he was serving in Northern Ireland during the 1970s. She was was born in Northern Ireland and grew up on the Whyte Acres estate in Banbridge, County Down before moving to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Back in March 2012, Lewthwaite wasn’t the White Widow. She was a “mum” on the run with a “terror suspect who calls himself ‘Osama'”.

mum lewthwaite



In 2007, she was “Anguished Samantha” who told the Sun of  of 7/7 mass-murderer Jermaine Lindsay: ““He was a peace-loving person who would harm nobody.””

He turned “from an angel to a devil“.

In 2005, Lewthwaite told the Sun:

When Jamal and I got married we were two peas in a pod and I thought I had found the world’s best husband. What on Earth had changed so much, so quickly, to turn him from loving husband and father to a man who could carry a bomb on to a Tube train and kill?

He loved his son more than anything and loved me. Yet these people managed to twist him so much that he could turn his back on those who meant so much. It shows why all good Muslims have to fight against evil. Jamal is accountable for his actions 100 per cent and I condemn with all my heart what he has done.

I worry about my safety and that of my children. But I just hope people will understand I had nothing to do with this. We are victims as well.

Her husband’a mother now adds:

The maniac’s mum Maryam Mcleod-Ismaiyl also recalled how Lewthwaite sent her chilling emails after her son’s fanaticism killed 26 fellow passengers on a Tube train.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun at her Caribbean home Maryam revealed Lewthwaite had a persecution complex. She said on the isle of Grenada, where she lives with her husband: “She would send me emails after we buried my son saying people were terrorising her and giving her a hard time.

“She said she had problems with people taking photos of her.

“She would call and never say where she was — and the calls were always under five minutes.

“It was very mystifying. I’d ask myself, ‘Why is she running when nobody’s chasing her?’ It’s baffled me for years.”

In 2005, the Belfast Telegraph reported on the Ulstter woman:

The details of Lindsay’s last days were revealed in an interview with his mother Maryam McLeod Ismaiyl who, fearing reprisals, is in hiding on the Caribbean island of Grenada, where she has been living for several months.

Samantha told her the pair had had a row, she said, adding: “She told me he had lost his job and that she had discovered he’d been sending text messages addressed to a girl.

“In Islam you can take a second wife but his wife was eight months pregnant. I know men do stray sometimes when their wives are expecting, but I couldn’t imagine Jamal doing that, especially as they already had a 15-month-old son. I said there had just been a bombing and maybe he hadn’t come home because he’d been hurt.

“She said, ‘That’s not my worry. After I discovered the messages I told him to think about what he wanted to do, that he needed to sort his head out and he packed some clothes in a rucksack and left’.

“I begged her to call around and she finally reported him missing a week later, just hours before he was named as the fourth bomber.”

Such are the facts…

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