Anorak News | Women threw unidentified roast and urine at each other

Women threw unidentified roast and urine at each other

by | 2nd, October 2013

Johnesha Benford and Tamaria Sterling
JOHNESHA Benford (above left) was making a roast on Sunday morning when she heard a knock at the door of her Nashville, Tennessee, home. She told police that she grabbed her roast before answering. Opening the door she saw Tamaria Sterling, with whom she had had an alleged fight at a night club the previous evening.
Sterling, allegedly, tossed urine at Benford. Benford tossed her roast at Sterling.
It’s claimed that Sterling then forced her way inside the property and started to beat up Benford.
Both women were charged with assault.
Elements of this story that makes us wonder are:
Why anyone would answer their front door holding a roast?
Why police referred to it as an “unidentified roast”?
What was the roasted thing? Can you be threatened by a roast squirrel or roast human fist?

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