Anorak News | Jew-baiting Daily Mail too fundamentalist for us says new columnist Samantha Lewthwaite

Jew-baiting Daily Mail too fundamentalist for us says new columnist Samantha Lewthwaite

by | 2nd, October 2013

THE Daily Mail‘s hatchet job on Labour leader Ed Miliband’s dead father is making waves. Miliband replied to it in the Mail. But the Mail kept the focus on Ralph Miliband by, most notably, featuring picture of the man’s grave on its website.

The Mail wrapped Miliband’s reply thus:

“RED ED’S in a strop with the Mail… Doubtless, he’s miffed that his conference was overshadowed by the revelations of his former friend, the spin doctor Damian McBride… Nor did he see the funny side when we ridiculed the yucky, lovey-dovey photographs of him and his wife, behaving like a pair of hormonal teenagers… But what has made him vent his spleen – indeed, he has stamped his feet and demanded a right of reply – is a Mail article… about the Labour leader’s late father, Ralph, under the arresting headline ‘The Man Who Hated Britain’.”

Stamped his feet? Vented his spleen? And as for shots Ed and his kids (and, yes, c-ringe), doesn’t the Mail love featuring photos of famous faces and their children, especially the sexy ones?

The vitriol aimed at Ralph is ironic given that the Mail’s own history features the paper’s former owner, Viscount Rothermere, cheering on the Blackshirts and snuggling up to Hitler:

ralph miliband

Moreover, the Mail says we should dislike Ed because of his “close involvement with degenerates such as Damian McBride”. You can read all about McBride is his memoirs serialised in – get this – the Daily Mail.

You wonder what’s next for the Mail, which seeks to troll the words with its views on hating people? Can you alienate the entire world all of the time? Will the only people yet to be demonised by the paper of record be those living in the parts of France where the Mail’s board members ski?

Says new Mail’s new columnist, Samantha Lewthwaite, “Whilst I admire the Mail’s tone and  direction in hating the West, I object to its view that women in burqas cannot be hated because of their beauty. If I had a husband for every time a man had come over and told me how beautiful I was…” (Continues forever.)

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