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Arsenal: what really happened at Piebury Corner?

by | 2nd, October 2013

SKY Sports reports that a 30-strong mob of Italian football fans have stormed into a restaurant used by Arsenal supporters, smashing windows, breaking chairs and injuring at least one person.”

Witnesses described how the men, described as Napoli fans, had team scarves tied round their faces and started shouting in Italian at those inside the busy restaurant. One worker at the Piebury Corner eatery described how they had to duck for cover and how one customer had been attacked with a belt leaving “blood all over the floor”…

The gang attacked ahead of the Champions League clash between Arsenal and Napoli at the Emirates Stadium.

The Piebury Corner is on Holloway Road.

So. what happened?

The Mirror sees more:

Up to 100 Italian thugs tore through Piebury Corner restaurant on Holloway Road near Arsenal’s stadium in scenes Tim’s pal Richard Morey described as being like something out of the early 80s

Tim Garwood, 48, was hit over the head.

The Mail repofts:

Piebury Corner…was mobbed by dozens of Italian hooligans smashing windows, breaking chairs and swinging belts.

Arsenal supporter Tim Garwood…was hit over the head with a piece of cast-iron garden furniture and needed 12 stitches – not leaving hospital until 3.30am.  He said 100 Napoli supporters were walking by before a smaller group broke off, threw a stool through the window and attacked the customers in the restaurant, including children as young as 12.

The Evening Standard counts 16 stitches“.

The BBC plays down the incident:

Police said about 30 Napoli fans were involved in a verbal exchange with Arsenal fans as they passed the restaurant. The Napoli supporters then smashed a window and threw chairs before moving on, the Met said.

The Express is more dramatic:

Piebury Corner had its shop windows smashed after dozens of hooligans ransacked the eatery and broke chairs while around 50 customers were inside.

Such are the facts…

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