Anorak News | Princess Diana Musical creator says Diana killed by remote control device (now sing-along)

Princess Diana Musical creator says Diana killed by remote control device (now sing-along)

by | 3rd, October 2013


FOLLOWING the Star’s wowsome news that Princess Diana tipped William to marry Kate Middleton despite dying four years before the couple met, the paper says “DI MURDER AUTHOR” has received threats to “shut up” or die.

ROYAL author Brian Watson received chilling death threats after claiming Princess Diana’s fatal crash was caused by assassins, he revealed last night.

Nigel Pauley adds:

The biographer says he was about to make his theory public when he got a phone call telling him: “Drop the idea if you value your family’s life.”

He was about to make public his theory Diana was murdered – the theory that’s occupied hearts and minds at the Daily Star and its sister organ the Express for years – and that attracted a death threat?

Mr Watson had planned to release a documentary film after his research convinced him that killers used a remote control device to take over the steering of Diana’s Mercedes and deliberately crashed it into a Paris tunnel pillar.

But after sending film studios the script for his movie Who Killed The Queen Of Hearts? the writer received the deadly threat, he claims.

Go on:

He revealed: “I said to my co-writer: ‘Have I got too close to the truth?’”

It seems not. Because the Star says “Mr Watson believes assassins were following the Mercedes in a white Fiat Uno, which was seen by several witnesses but has never been found”. He says Diana’s car could have been take over by remote control:

Mr Watson, a former advertising exec from Surrey, even researched how such a system could be installed. He said prior to the crash, the computer system was stolen from the Merc, which was off the road for two weeks.

“So I phoned up my local Mercedes dealership and asked how long it would take to put a new one in. They said about half an hour or so. Then I asked if you could perhaps control the car with the right computer. He said: ‘Yes, you could.’ When I told him why I was asking him he went cold.”

So. Why now? Why tell us his theory now? Are the death threat makers no longer a threat?

Mr Watson broke his silence yesterday as he tried to win backers for his next venture, a show called Diana: The Musical. He said the project, co-written with Aussie musician David Smart, would not be controversial, but a celebration of her life. He said: “We want to appeal to every Diana fan. It’s time for a proper tribute.”

It’s what she would have wanted.

What of the musical? Clive Martin writes:

…highlights include: “A Cuddle and a Smile” (a sentimental number set in a hospice in which the children and Diana dance together), “A Sergeant Major’s Job” (a Gilbert and Sullivan-style bit of comic relief sung by a bolshy Sergeant Major, enthusiastically voiced by Brian on the demo CD he gave me), “A Right Royal Wedding” (a rousing number in which the people of London chant “There’s going to be a wedding?”, “There’s going to be a wedding!”, “A right royal wedding!” at each other like something out of a cockney Les Mis) and “Sea of Flowers” (the ambitious opening number which uses a clever bit of audience participation, with the front aisles being issued with bouquets).

Tabard is sardonic in the Stage:

Yet the writers have decided to begin their merry tale with her death. This is followed by a snapshot of Kensington, where flowers have been laid in her memory, then later the “infamous scene” of a “lonely Diana” seated in front of the Taj Mahal, before moving onto a “dramatic, stylised portrayal” of the Martin Bashir interview, in which she spoke about her husband, Prince Charles, having an affair during their marriage.

If all that isn’t uplifting enough for you, the show-makers also plan to include a voice-over of a “lone, young girl” singing the name “Diana” with an echoing effect around the auditorium at different points in the production.

The show is yet to be snapped up by a producer.

The show opens with her death and news readers:

NEWS READER: “We’re interrupting programmes to bring you the news that Diana Princess of Wales is gravely ill in intensive care in a Paris Hospital…” The News Reader is interrupted… 

We interrupt that interruption to see if want to listen to some bits? Sure you do:



Disney does Diana.

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