Anorak News | Devil Cat Tells Woman To ‘Go AWAY’

Devil Cat Tells Woman To ‘Go AWAY’

by | 20th, October 2013

WHO needs Doctor Doolittle when you have animals that can talk English? That’s what one lady was faced with in Dublin after her kitchen was invaded by a Devil Cat.

‘Caroline H’ filmed the feline hiding in her kitchen, tempted in by the smell of biscuits.

The moggy, when shooed, replied with what sounds like ‘go away’, before flashing its demon eyes at everyone and knocking everything flying in the kitchen. Caroline’s off-screen companion can be heard helpfully shouting: “He’ll jump on you, Caroline, he’ll jump on you!”.

The footage ends with the cat hanging from the window frame like a weirdo.

“No cat was harmed in the filming of this video,” she wrote on YouTube. “The cat safely left the house after I stopped filming. This cat was an invader after our cookies. Please keep all doors and windows closed to protect yourself against rogue angry cats.”

After the video went online, another resident came forward to claim the cat was hers, and that it certainly wasn’t a ‘devil cat’ as described.

“Henry isn’t lost. He does, however, have a secret life that I don’t question him about. We’re all entitled to our secrets,” Emily Coffey wrote.

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