Anorak News | Bolton man who smoked legal high and might have taken other drugs and booze dies

Bolton man who smoked legal high and might have taken other drugs and booze dies

by | 3rd, October 2013

350aa-2TGREATER Manchester Police says a “herbal incense” called Psyclone might be dangerous. They need to tell us this because a 38-year-old man died not long after smoking it at his friend’s home in Bolton.

Only, the man’s cause of death. But Greater Manchester Police ‘s Detective Sergeant Rob Parker says:

“We do not yet know how the man died but we are of course working with the coroner to establish the full circumstances. Worryingly we know the man and others he was with had smoked herbal incense. The sole purpose is to use it as a legal high and faced with what we know we feel it is incumbent upon us to send out what will appear to most to be an extremely obvious safety message. Put simply, do not smoke herbal incense. It is not for direct inhalation and you do not know what effect it will have on your well-being.”

Well, no sh*t Sherlock. But telling a middle-aged man not to smoke a wand of air freshener named to sound like an amusement park thrill ride might be a waste of your own breath.

A quick look around the internet finds one head shop you can buy the stuff at. Read the reviews:

* Found this to be very similar to another of my legal favourites, Exodus Damnation, but I found it to be more trippy than Damnation. First time I tried it was smoking it at night time in the garden and began seeing faces in the clouds!! As with the exodus blends, does send you to sleep when it wears off.

* Had the hallucinogenic effect on me… was tripping balls, became very happy and stared at my hands for ages as they became 3D along with everything else. was awesome XD but I find it’s good to smoke at night, as it made me so tired and I passed out when it started to wear off.

But can it kill? The news is out there:

HuffPost: “Legal High Death: Man Dies Moments After Smoking ‘Psyclone'”

The MEN ads: “‘Legal high’ death: Man dies after smoking Psyclone herbal incense at Bolton house”

More to follow…



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