Anorak News | Ten year old dressed as Hitler banned from Staffordshire school’s World War 2 day

Ten year old dressed as Hitler banned from Staffordshire school’s World War 2 day

by | 4th, October 2013


WILLIAM Ghassemi, 10, is dressed as Hitler for Dosthill Community Primary school’s World War 2 Day
Young master(race) William Ghassemi donned a feldgrau outfit and a homemade swastika on his arm (thanks mum!). Mum Davina also drew a moustache in eyeliner on the lad’s face and parted his hair hard to the right. William then headed off to his Staffordshire school.

But on arrival he was ordered to the changing rooms. His outfit was wrong. It was “extremely inappropriate”. Once changedWilliam was permitted to sit with the soldiers, Wrens, evacuees and spies for a lunch of beef stew and dumplings.

But mum Davina is iupset. Says she, in what might be World War One pun:

“I think the school have gone completely over the top”


“At first I was taken aback, but then I got angry that William had been treated in this way… William is history mad. He spends hours reading about the war in the Horrible Histories series. When he came home with the workshop letter he said straight away, ‘I want to be Hitler’. I wasn’t sure at first, but William said Hitler was kind of the lead character in the whole war and someone should play him… Parents were not told in the letter the kids could only dress up as the goodies. There could have been German soldiers.”

Says headmaster Tony Hand:

“We thought a pupil dressed as Hitler conveyed completely the wrong idea of what the day was about. We think other parents will agree with our decision.”

And, hey, the Germans were the Goodies. Reich? Are ve reich?!

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