Anorak News | Man destroys entire booze section (video)

Man destroys entire booze section (video)

by | 14th, October 2013

WHEN you cock-up at work, with some sly behaviour, you can get away with murder. However, if you work in a supermarket, surrounded by CCTV, it isn’t so easy.

Especially when you’re the poor sod who destroys a whole section of lovely, lovely booze.

One supermarket worker was tinkering with a shelving unit containing hundreds of bottles of alcohol. Stacking his items and poking away, he soon found the whole thing crashing around his reddening ears.

The clip shows two ladies perusing the shelves while the worker finishes his stacking. However, as he stands up, happy with his completed work, he finds that everything is about to go sickeningly wrong.

The display collapses suddenly and, after making a feeble but gallant effort to stop the falling booze, the trio leap out of the way and watch the carnage unfold.

Watch the video and imagine the smell. Then imagine diving in with a straw.

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