Anorak News | Liverpool sisters stole funeral wreaths to sell on to the grieving

Liverpool sisters stole funeral wreaths to sell on to the grieving

by | 11th, October 2013


SISTERS Marion Hill, 41, and Lyndsay Millett, 37, removed flowers left in tribute to a dead man at Liverpool’s Springwood crematorium. They said the flowers were for their mum’s grave at Allerton cemetery.

Police thought it an idea to visit their home in Almeda Road, Speke. here, they found blank condolence cards, wreath stands, “wreath-making paraphernalia” and seven wreaths, including one to “DAD”. Two wreaths to MUM” and “NAN” had vanished from the crematorium on the evening of May 7, having been left in tribute to Bridget Jannet.

Were they running a business? The sisters claimed many of the items used for making wreaths had been left to them by their aunt, who had been keen on art.

To Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, then, where Mr Jannet, from Anfield, tells media:

“This incident has left me shocked to the core to think somebody could commit such a callous act.”

The women were found guilty. They will be sentenced on October 30.

Stealing anything is low. But there is a whiff  what these women stole from the dead. Surely, that’s not worse than stealing from the living. The Daily Mail calls them the “Grave robbing sisters”. But that’s not quite right, is it?


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