Anorak News | Princess Diana: Soldier N says the SAS didn’t kill her but the Daily Express isn’t listening

Princess Diana: Soldier N says the SAS didn’t kill her but the Daily Express isn’t listening

by | 12th, October 2013

THE Daily Express continues to report on the SAS and the death of Princess Diana. Today, the paper of repetition presses f9 on the keyboard to create the headline:



daily express


Who made this order?

The lawyer acting for Dodi’s father Mohamed Al Fayed urged detectives to finally get to the truth and use their powers to “seize documents and make arrests”.

Ordered has become man “urges”

Mr McKay said yesterday: “There can be no serious question that the statement attributed to Soldier N was, in fact, made and therefore the necessary legal threshold crossed for a proper investigation to now be launched as opposed to the present ‘scoping exercise’ which is a somewhat ambiguous term for the current action being taken by the Metropolitan Police Service.

“A proper investigation will allow the police to use their statutory powers to seize documents and records and make arrests, if appropriate.”

Ah, Soldier N, the man who allegedly threatened to kill his wife. The man who has served prison time for possessing illegal weapons. The man who testified against Danny Nightingale, his SAS colleague. The man who apparenyly said to hsi wife that if he could get away with killing Diana, slotting her would be no problem.  That reliable witness?

The SAS man’s ex-wife, her mother and stepfather have all given detailed statements to police supporting assassination claims attributed to the sniper known as Soldier N. But police chiefs have so far refused to launch a proper murder investigation amid fears that the claims will be “swept under the carpet”.

On the word of the fantastic soldier N, the police have failed to arrest members of the SAS. Th tin lid on this non-tory comes at the very end:

 It is understood Soldier N has since denied making the claims. 

Such are the facts…

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