Anorak News | Uri Geller buys Shropshire gorilla made of spoons

Uri Geller buys Shropshire gorilla made of spoons

by | 13th, October 2013

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NEWS is that… Well, we’ll let the BBC tell you:

Entertainer Uri Geller has commissioned a sculpture of a gorilla made from 5,000 spoons.

The world’s leading spoon bender (you ever seen him eat a bowl of soup?) has ordered his hairy spoons from the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire.

Geller plans to put the 12ft (3.6m) primate in his garden in Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire, where he already has a Cadillac covered in spoons.

Says Geller:

“I plan to fly it to my house in a large cage hanging from a helicopter… My garden already has many interesting features, and you cannot saturate the place with sculptures made from spoons.”

Sure, You can have too much of good thing, Uri.

You’d suppose Geller would own a house shaped like a spoon, or at least a spoony swimming pool. But his talent for spoon bending has only ever taken him so far.In Japan and China, one imagines, Geller is a no-mark. The Far East is impervious to his skills. Can he bend a wooden chopstick – without breaking it? What about one of those porcelain serving spoons? Nowadays, with more people eating with their fingers, it must be hard being Geller the Spoon Bender. He’s just so very naff and out of fashion. Bending a spoon holds as much fascination to the average 12-year-old as bending a collar stud or the spokes on a Penny Farthing.


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