Anorak News | London Zoo’s new tiger cub has drowned but it wasn’t the first to die there (photos)

London Zoo’s new tiger cub has drowned but it wasn’t the first to die there (photos)

by | 16th, October 2013

London zoo tiger
THE baby tiger born at  London Zoo has died. The Sumatran tiger drowned in a pool in the zoo’s new enclosure, which opened in March this year. Tiger Territory is a specialist breeding centre for tigers.

London Zoo’s Malcolm Fitzpatrick spoke for the zoo keepers:

“We would do anything to turn back the clock, and nobody could be more upset about what’s happened than the keepers who work with the tigers every day. They are devoted to those tigers and are distraught.”

The cub was 5-year-old Melati first. This is her pulling a dead bunny from an Easter Egg treat.

Melati is a young female Sumatran tiger with delicate feminine features. She is noticeably smaller than male Jae Jae. Moving to ZSL London Zoo from the west coast of Australia, Melati lived in Perth Zoo with her twin brother Jaya until she was two years old, when they were moved into separate enclosures. Her father Hari was the last Sumatran tiger cub to be born at ZSL London Zoo, so she’s returning to her British roots*.

(* Melati qualifies to play football for England)



This is the cub’s father, Jae Jae. He was born in San Francisco Zoo. He’s seen here eating a meat-coated pumpkin.

Jae Jae can’t help but vocalise his feelings for Melati whenever she appears, loudly chuffing and purring in her direction. One of his favourite games is to hide behind a tree and jump out on an un-suspecting Melati!

Other cubs should follow.
The couple of critically-endangered Sumatran tigers, of which there are said to be only 300 left in the wild.
The tigers are endangered. Last August, streakers run through London Zoo to raise awareness for the threatened global tiger population.
The cub was the first born at the Zoo in 17 years.
This 12/02/1996 picture shows keeper Caroline Connor, 20, shows the three-week-old male tiger cub she has been hand-rearing.
Before that… This 13/09/1951 picture shows London Zoo’s newest triplets, three tiger cubs,  looked after by their Collie dog foster mother. Due to their ferocious parents the cubs were placed with a foster parent until they have grown bigger.



All three cubs died from a calcium deficiency after their Mother abandoned them.

Sad news. Maybe tigers just aren’t cut out to be born in London?

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