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Still Looking For Ben Needham – He’s No Maddie McCann

by | 18th, October 2013

WHERE is Ben Needham? Ben vanished on Kos when he was 21 months old. That was 1991.

The Daily Star reports:

Kerry has spent 13 years looking for her child with no help. Meanwhile millions have been spent probing Madeleine McCann’s abduction from the family’s Portuguese holiday apartment in May 2007.

Why must these two events be elated? Good that the British police think finding out what happened to Madeleine McCann worth the effort.  And Kerry Needham has had help. The tragedy is that we are no closer to knowing what happened to her son.

But Labour MP Angela Smith, 52, says Ben Needham deserves the same support as Madeleine:

She said: “I think its really important that we have a level playing field. I really welcome what has happened this week, but we just want the same for Ben.”

Says Kerry, 41, from Sheffield:

“We’ve had to physically get on planes and go and follow up sightings ourselves.If all the stops are being pulled out to find Madeleine, which is only right, then we should have the same help.”

Ben’s grandfather Eddie, 64, added: “For the two cases to be treated totally different in my opinion is wrong.”

Surely all missing persons should be entitled to the same level of support and investigation as the McCanns.

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