Anorak News | Spurs Monkey Balls: Mixed-Race Loveable Yido Andros Townsend Is Enslaved By The Ridiculous Society of Black Lawyers

Spurs Monkey Balls: Mixed-Race Loveable Yido Andros Townsend Is Enslaved By The Ridiculous Society of Black Lawyers

by | 18th, October 2013

COMMENT of the day comes Peter Herbert of an outfit known billed as the Society of Black Lawyers, a name that manages to be both sinister and laced with a pretentious Sixth formers ideas of grandeur. He wants to admonish the FA for Roy Hodgson’s monkey-laden England pep talk.

 Roy Hodgson’s comments may not have been made with the intention of causing offence as he has explained with the backing of the FA, nonetheless, offence was caused,’ writes Herbert in a letter to the FA calling for a full and proper investigation.The FA’s statement also confirmed that they had not received any complaints from the England players and therefore the matter was closed. The comments of the FA smack of “institutional racism” bearing in mind the Lawrence Inquiry definition of “unwitting racism”.’

He’s right. The Macpherson Report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence said racism was”‘any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. You could be an unwitting racist. Herbert took that matter up with Spurs fans chanting for the Yids.

“We are not talking about educating people out of their behaviour – we are talking, as Martin Luther King said, about regulating their behaviour. Even if it comes from Tottenham supporters, it remains casual racism.”

Mr Herbert will be there to see offence on your behalf even if you don’t see it yourself. Andros Townsend took no offence at Hodgson’s Space Monkey talk. The Yid Army who cheer on this Spurs team and whose fans would doubtless hail the winger with a hearty “Yido” if they saw the mixed-race (black-Cypriot, since you ask) in the street, are not offended.

English football is a bastion of equal opportunity. Racism is rare. Despite the picture painted in the Press, bigots do not hold sway at the grounds.

A fool who makes a racist or anti-Semitic comment should be shouted down and challenged by others in the ground. Don’t ban words. Don’t squeal to the police. Make the idiot explain themselves.

But Herbert has more to say:

The use of “monkey chants”, the throwing of bananas and the racist antics of football supporters is a hallmark of football racism that is the context of this so called “joke” being told by the England football manager. It is therefore imperative to have a firm education system in place to ensure that players from a young age are fully equipped to control their own lives and careers rather than remaining mentally enslaved.”

Got that? Townsend – £15,000-a-week, adored by English fans and happy as a pig in muck – is a slave.

But if say something is racist, the power that be panic. How long before some FA blazer has Hodgson wearing a ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out Of Football T-shirt’?


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