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Arsenal: Press Chant A Musical Valentine To Arsene Wenger

by | 22nd, October 2013

ARSENAL’S Arsene Wenger is 64. What says the media?

 John Cross, the Daily Mirror: “To borrow another line from The Beatles’ classic When I’m Sixty Four, the song says…

Mark Irwin, The Sun: “Arsene Wenger does not want cards or a birthday cake today…simply confirmation that Arsenal still need him now he’s 64.”

Jeremy Wilson, Daily Telegraph: “It was The Beatles who first posed questions that will feel rather appropriate at Arsenal on Tuesday. ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m 64?'”

David Woods, Daily Star: “ARSENE WENGER turns 64 today but, unlike Paul McCartney in the Beatles song, he won’t be singing “Will you still need me?”.

Simon Yeend, Daily Express: “It’s Arsene Wenger’s birthday today. He is 64, which prompted a spot of Beatles banter and ‘Will you still need me?’ talk.”

Sam Wallace: The Indy:

Since I’ve got older, the last trophy
Was eight long years from now
I hope that you’re saying ‘Give him time’,
Blaming injuries, excusing my whines

Eight games played and we’re top of the league
Now that Fergie’s gone.
From Jack to Santi to Giroud to Jack
Total football is coming back

Passing the ball, beating AVB,
Who could ask for more?
Will you still need me, (I could go to PSG),
Now I’m sixty-four

Give me a contract, fill in the form
Three more years or four?
You know you still need me, (I signed Ramsey)
Now I’m sixty-four

No pussy-footing around from Mr Wallace as all the football choir sing from the same song sheet.

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