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Sorry Homophobes But Gay Love Is Totally Natural (Educated Bees Do It)

by | 22nd, October 2013

259014-773-120244-1-supermanBIRDS do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Do what? Gay sex or, to give it the correct term ‘sex’.

All those homophobes who think the whole things is wrong and immoral, turns out, are wildly wrong. They reckon it is unnatural? Well, you don’t get more natural than a bunch of insects all shtupping each other, regardless of gender. It seems that ‘beastly’ isn’t a slur at all!

This all comes on the back of (Ha! Geddit?) research from scientists who note that 85% of of male insects engage in intercourse with each other. Of course, most straight people only like it when lesbians have sex, rubbing their wings together and seductively dribbling over each other’s lower mandibles.

Often, same-insect sex is by accident because they’re in such a rush to get their ends away (or whatever insects have) that they can’t be bothered to find out. By jiminy, insects are a liberal bunch! They’re also owners of one of the strongest evolutionary drives, which means the more evolved you are, the less you’re bothered about gender.

Makes anyone who has chosen sides seem a bit daft now. We could all be as sexually greedy as spiders!

The collaborative study, published by Doctor Inon Scharf of Tel Aviv University and Doctor Oliver Martin of ETH Zurich University in the journal of Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, found spiders and insects don’t discriminate in their mating choices.

The authors noted:

“Insects and spiders mate quick and dirty. The cost of taking the time to identify the gender of mates or the cost of hesitation appears to be greater than the cost of making some mistakes. Homosexual behavior may be genomically linked to being more active, a better forager, or a better competitor… so even though misidentifying mates isn’t a desirable trait, it’s part of a package of traits that leaves the insect better adapted overall.”

Straight in, no kissing. Have sex with everyone and there’s bound to be some babies at some point. Who knew insects were so saucy? We humans clearly need to up our game.

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