Anorak News | Let’s Get The Gypsies: The Big Fat Darkies Are Stealing Blonde Children In America, Greece, Ireland And Your Town

Let’s Get The Gypsies: The Big Fat Darkies Are Stealing Blonde Children In America, Greece, Ireland And Your Town

by | 23rd, October 2013


ANY gypsy woman who has cheated on her husband with a blonde man had best watch out. And blonde gypsies should just run. The powers that be are eyeing non-Aryans with a suspicious eye. The Mirror and Express lead with news of another blonde child seized from a Roma gypsy camp, this one in Dublin, Ireland.

The child has blonde hair and blue eyes. This not that she not only makes the front pages but has been removed from her darker haired and skinned ‘parents’. This echoes the news of Maria, the blonde removed by Greek police from gypsies.

This Irish child will have DNA tests to establish her identity and links to her family.  No arrests have been made. But the child is in the care of the Irish state. What could go wrong?

The Times adds:

The couple she was living with told police their “daughter” was born at Dublin’s Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in April 2006, the Sunday World newspaper reported. However, the hospital had no record of the birth and the name and date of birth given by the parents is different to records with the register office.

A birth certificate was deemed to be inconclusive and a passport bore a picture of a baby and could not be matched to the seven-year-old. A consultant at another hospital told detectives it would be unusual for Roma parents to have a blonde-haired child.

Siobhan Curran, co-ordinator of a Roma support project at Pavee Point in Dublin, is aghast:

“It is ridiculous to say they can not have blonde-haired children. There is a lot of discrimination and racism against Roma . . . who are portrayed by the media as beggars and judges make public criticism of the Roma community.”

She’s right. There is discrimination at work. Get this from the Times:

The possibility of Gypsy involvement has been investigated in the abduction of two blonde-haired British children — Madeleine McCann in Portugal and Ben Needham in Greece.

But there is not a shred of evidence that gypsies took either child. Still. Round up the usual suspects.

Police arrested a Roma woman in Greece in 2008 after a tip-off that a blonde girl with her was Denise Pipitone, dubbed Italy’s Madeleine McCann. DNA tests proved the girl was the arrested woman’s daughter.

Every country has a Madeleine McCann, benchmark of all missing children. According to the Express every child found is part of the “Maddy Hunt”:


How many more Maddies are there? Yesterday, the Star counted 10. Today the Mirror is running around pointing and yelling. It’s an “Abduction Panic”:


Look up yer kids. The gypsies are coming!

The famaily of the Irish child say she is theirs. No proof she isn’t. But “Gypsies”, readers. They are big. They are fat. And they are nicking yer kids.

Finally, the Sun has news on Maria:

Is this Maria? Missing US toddler link to ‘blonde angel’

All worship the blonde angel. For she is good.

Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, whose daughter Lisa vanished in 2011, contacted police after seeing how closely the girl — known only as Maria — resembles their daughter. Lisa had pale skin, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, just like Maria. She was taken in Kansas City, Missouri, in October 2011, aged ten months.

And Maria was found in Greece.

John Picerno, a lawyer for the American family, said: “We enquire about every child that is found and fits the age profile of Lisa. We investigate all leads.”

Their enquiry is one of eight leads Greek police are taking seriously as part of an international search for the girl’s true identity. Of the other seven, another three are in the US, and there is one each in Canada, Sweden, France and Poland.

Nowhere is safe. These not-all-that-wealthy people nick your kids and then at no expense spared ship them to camps in Europe.

Such are the facts.

Photo: Gypsy children pose for photos at a gypsy camp near the town of Farsala, some 280 km ( 173 miles) north of Athens, Greece, on Sunday, Oct. 20 , 2013.

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