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The Daily Mail’s Witterings About X-Rated Mumsnet And Women Who Reproduce

by | 23rd, October 2013

mKokD-r1sPKrVh5vHXg1h-QFOR some reason the Daily Mail seems to think that Mumsnet has been taken over by a horde of sex crazed housewives. Something which is really very strange indeed. For most human beings are quite interested in sex so you don’t need to be sex craved to talk about it. Further, there’s something about mothers that indicates that they might actually have some experience of the subject at hand:

It is an internet forum where parents can share advice on subjects such as potty training and the spiralling cost of childcare.

But Mumsnet has also attracted thousands of posts on risqué topics, as women members clamour to share details of their explicit bedroom antics.

The website – popular with middle-class mothers – risks undermining its wholesome image because many users seem preoccupied with X-rated chatter.

The problem with this sort of wittering is as follows. Now, agreed, in these days of gay friends and turkey basters it’s not an infallible guide that those who have children have had intercourse. But it is still the normal method of engendering the pregnancy that leads to having one all the same.

So what we’ve actually got here is the Mail whimpering that women who have reproduced sexually occasionally have something to say about sex.

Which isn’t, when you come to think of it, really all that amazing a finding. I agree that you might find it a little odd if a pack of virgin nuns start rambling on about how to do the horizontal boogie but mothers usually have the actual proof to hand that they’ve already indulged in this sex thing.

It’s even rumoured that Paul Dacre has had sex. With someone other than his ego even.

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