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Maria Is A Roma: How The Media Stoked Fears Of Gypsy Abductors Nicking Blond Children

by | 24th, October 2013

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MARIA, the gypsy girl found living on a Greek Roma camp, was not abducted. Sasha Ruseva, 38, and Atlan Rusev, 37, are her parents. Sasha is a Roma gypsy. The police have arrested her and Atlan, just as they arrested her adopted parents Hristos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40. Sasha and Atlan were pinched in the Bulgarian town of Nikolaevo.

Ms Ruseva says she fell pregnant in Greece. She had no money:

“I intended to go back and take my child home, but meanwhile I gave birth to two more kids so I was not able to go back.”

See her other children beklow.

A four-year-old girl, found living with a Roma couple in central Greece, is seen in a handout photo distributed by the Greek police and obtained by Reuters October 18, 2013. Greek police are investigating the identity of the girl on suspicion that the child may have been abducted from her parents. The girl was found on Wednesday at a Roma settlement near Farsala in central Greece during a police sweep of the settlement for suspected drug trafficking. REUTERS/Greek Police/Handout (GREECE - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) NO COMMERCIAL OR BOOK SALES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. NO THIRD PARTY SALES. NOT FOR USE BY REUTERS THIRD PARTY DISTRIBUTORS - RTX14G9C

So. The gypsies never did steal Maria, the blonde whose face was flashed around the world. The gypsies never did steal that child in Dublin, either. And there is not a shred of evidence that gypsies kidnapped Ben Needham or Madeleine McCann.

Time, then, to have a look at what the British Press said about blonde Maria:

October 20:

Daily Mail:

Revealed: The rundown home where the four-year-old ‘Greek Maddie’ lived with her gypsy ‘abductors’

Daily Star: Maria was Our Maddie:

Daily_Star_Weekend_19_10_2013 (1)


Daily Mirror:

His mother Kerry Needham, 41, said: “The authorities in Greece always told us, ‘Gipsies don’t steal babies’. Now we know they do. We are very optimistic this new information may help us find Ben.”

The Times told its readers:

The possibility of Gypsy involvement has been investigated in the abduction of two blonde-haired British children — Madeleine McCann in Portugal and Ben Needham in Greece.

October 21

Maria was seen dancing in a video. She was like a dancing bear, they said. She was the blonde angel, they said. The caring Mirror topped the chilling video with an advert for Gummy Bears:




Ian Murphy told Sun readers:

THE little girl rescued from a gypsy camp dances for her captors in this disturbing video handed to cops.

Lest you think the video of a blonde kid dancing was very ordinary, Murphy told us that what we were seeing was awful:

In the 29-second clip she twirls in circles in the middle of a sunny yard as a dark-haired woman watches. When the tot falters and stops the woman pushes her back into the centre of the screen and she starts again.

Those dark-haired demons. Never did trust them. Stick with Aryans, we say.

The Daily Mail had inverted commas:

First pictures of gypsy couple ‘who snatched Maria’ as they appear in court accused of abduction and facing up to 20 years in prison

Maria had “secrets“:



October 22

The Sun had more on that rescue:

THE mystery blonde girl rescued from a gypsy camp sits with the couple who posed as her parents for years.


Fair-haired Madeleine, then nearly four, went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007. Paedophile Raymond Helwett — who lived in the area at the time but died in 2010 — insisted she had been “stolen to order” by gypsies.

Blond Ben vanished on the Greek island of Kos in 1991, aged just 21 months. Five years later a local convict claimed he saw a child matching his description in the Farsala camp where Maria was found — and said gypsies told him the boy came from Kos.

That would be Helwett who never did confess to anything.

The Express then spotted Our Maddie with the gypsies:



Should they now give up hope?

Hell, no. The Star said there were 10 More Maddies:

daily-star-1-329x437 (1)


October 23

A child living with Roma gypsies in Ireland is seized.

The Star saw – yep – you know who:


This Irish child underwent DNA tests to establish her identity and links to her family. After a few chemical experiments and State-sanctioned kidnapping, the child was in the care of the Irish state. What could go wrong? (She is now back home with her parents.)


Then the Express spotted Maddie:



The Mirror went further. It talked of an “ABDUCTION PANIC”.

daily-mirror-221013-1-329x437 (1)


The Sun had news on Maria:

Is this Maria? Missing US toddler link to ‘blonde angel’

Ws asked: These not-all-that-wealthy people nick your kids and then at no expense spared ship them to camps in Europe.

And know we know.

Still, no harm done. It was only the gypsies who got accused of running a global child-stealing racket – and no-one likes them, anyhow…

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