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Samsung Is Making Augmented Reality Glasses For Sport. What Sports?

by | 25th, October 2013

SAMSUNG wants to put its computers on your face. And has just landed a patent for a new device that will do just that.

Google has staked out the space of face computers and though little demonstrable desire has been expressed for the devices – its Google Glass has been the poster child for the technology.

The idea is you walk around with a pair of glasses with a built-in computer that sits on top of one of your ears. The lenses are transparent screens through which you see the world, but also any stuff that Google wants to push on there, weightloss adverts, vouchers, that kind of thing. You know what Google likes to tell you about.

Samsung's new sports glasses, from the Korean patent

And you can’t look away because it’s in front of your face.

Like all good tech companies, Samsung has not been afraid to closely emulate the successes of its rivals. So say hello to the Samsung Sports Spectacles, a patent registered by the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service on October2, and spotted by the WSJ. The twist is that these ones are for sport. Not rugby we guess. More running and “personal training sessions” as one Wall Street journal commenter suggests. Sports where you still want to see your emails but can’t spare your hands for 20 seconds to operate the phone in a manual fashion. Having text flashing up in front of your eyes is not going to help with ball sports either.

You can take calls and listen to music while exercising. And yes you can also watch “creative content” on the glasses. So we’re probably talking running in a straight line with no unpredictable events as the main use case for these guys.

As the Google translate of the Korean patent says – “Not using your hands to control the device, will ease the situation.”

Wearable technology is where all the tech companies are going. But as ever – they need to make some damn interesting use cases before  everyone will start shelling out to wear computer screens in front of their faces.

Patent registration number 3007115210000 for Sports Spectacles was registered on October 2, 2013.

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