Anorak News | After Pepper Spray Cop University of California Welcomes TSA Groper Janet Napolitano To Molest Students

After Pepper Spray Cop University of California Welcomes TSA Groper Janet Napolitano To Molest Students

by | 25th, October 2013

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WHAT’S the monetary value of suffering? In California, they calculate it like this: the suffering you experience when a bored yet out-of-control cop pepper-sprays your face at point-blank range is worth eight thousand dollars less than the suffering said poor put-upon cop feels once he gets a reputation as the type who pepper-sprays harmless people in the face.

Seriously. Remember John “Pepper Spray” Pike? He’s the ex-Marine and former University of California at Davis policeman who became an Internet meme back in 2011, after he was recorded calmly walking down a line of student protesters sitting on a sidewalk pepper-spraying each one in the face.

Pike spent the next eight months on paid administrative leave before finally getting fired, the pepper-sprayed students sued and won up to $30,000 apiece (paid for by California taxpayers rather than ex-Officer Pike, because in America we believe that making bad cops pay for any damage they cause is a violation of their rights), and by American bad-cop-encounter standards that’s about as close to a happy ending as you can hope for – until this week, when former Officer John Pepper Spray Pike was awarded $38,056 in worker’s compensation due to the “depression and anxiety” after losing his job and learning the world hated him. Which, you recall, all happened because John Pike casually pepper-sprayed a bunch of passive, harmless, seated college students directly in the face.

Pike’s $38,000 payout is in addition to the state pension he gets for all the years he spent inflicting service upon students at UC Davis.

Incidentally, the university recently got itself a new president — Janet Napolitano, former head of the Department of Homeland Security.  She’s the one who instituted the mandatory-molestation policies the Transportation Security Administration favours in lieu of actual security: she’s why you can’t fly in American airspace anymore unless you first allow a TSAgent to feel and/or photograph your gender-specific body parts.

These are the caliber of people hired to make and enforce policy at the University of California. And remember, California college kids: whenever they violate your rights, they’ll swear it hurts them more than it hurts you. Eight thousand dollars more, at least.

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