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Manchester United: Robbie Savage Stands Up For Good Neighbours

by | 25th, October 2013

ROBBIE Savage has something to say about Sir Alex Ferguson’s book. At noon today, the media had said 100o times as many words on the book as there are in the thing. But until now, Savage had been silent. But with a deadline looming and a page to fill in the Daily Mirror, Savage gives full throat to his book report:

“It’s bang out of order and didn’t need to be written”

Godfather of a Manchester United dynasty or not, some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s revelations in his new book are bang out of order.

Having called Ferguson “sad” for entertaining us with his book, Savage then adds that his opinions are not in the least bit shaped by his own history with the man:

I am not bitter that Fergie released me as a teenager. I was not good enough to play for United, so I have no axe to grind. And I am not bitter about the day he slammed the door of the away dressing room at Birmingham City in my face after a game where David Beckham had agreed to let me have his shirt. Ferguson was rude, but managers can be abrupt immediately after the final whistle and I didn’t hold it against him.

Not bitter.

But I used to live next door to Fergie, and he never acknowledged me once.

How well Ferguson got on with his other neighbours is not known. But if they had a column to write, you should well hear about it.

As we’ve said it’s all about entertainment. That’s what you want from a book – to be entertained. Ferguson has managed that. And sAvage entertains us with one line in his bitter-free review:

It’s only fair to point out the lighter side of Ferguson’s nature. He does a lot of fantastic work for charity and has always been a loyal family man – so loyal that one of his sons, now a fine manager in his own right, even played 27 games for United.

Back of the net!

PS – Good to see footballers so excited about literature

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