Anorak News | Scottish Teacher Tells Class Hitler ‘Wasn’t All Bad’

Scottish Teacher Tells Class Hitler ‘Wasn’t All Bad’

by | 30th, October 2013


KIDS want to leant about the future, men like Simon Cowell, Nigel Farage and Justin Bieber. They’re not interested in yesterday’s men, like Stalin, Pol Pot, Dave Lee Travis and Duran Duran.

But David McNally, a religious education supply teacher at Kilwinning Academy in Ayrshire, did’t get the memo. When he told the children “Hitler wasn’t all bad, he killed the Jews, the gays and disabled”, the kids remembered what he said and told their parents about this man called Hitler. Did they remember what else teachers told them at school that day? We’d wager not. The parents’ usual question “What did you do at school?” is met with a shrug, the word ‘stuff‘ or “nuffink much”.

Rather than thanking Mr McNally for enabling the children to better identify a bigot and keep them up-to-speed with Nazi sympathisers, some complained and Mr McNally has been tried and found unfit to teach.

He also asked the children:

“Are you a jakey?” 

“Did you have sex at the weekend?”

A jakey is “an unwashed Scottish ruffian with nothing better to do than drink copious amounts of Buckfast and dodge the social”.

The kids’ response  to either question is unrecorded.

McNallyalso  told S3 pupils:

“I didn’t want to be a teacher. I would have rather been a prison warden or a child abuser.” 

Plus ca change, as one exchange student might have muttered.

Paul Reid, for the General Teaching Council Scotland, says Mr McNally’s comments were “offensive, inappropriate”.

“These comments were not said outside his workplace but were said in a classroom. He did admit making these remarks, in his notice of defence he tries to dilute the effects of his remarks. I advise the panel to take a dim view of the man’s behaviour. In my opinion he is not fit to teach children.”

Panel chairman Donald MacKay said:

“Mr McNally has admitted the facts made against him. The panel has therefore found the facts proven. He has admitted that he is impaired and is unfit to teach. The panel has decided he is unfit to teach, and he will be removed from the register. He can appeal the decision if he chooses too.”

Reports that Mr McNally is now working in PR are unfounded.

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