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On The Justice For Jimmy Savile Rally In Leeds

by | 31st, October 2013


DID you go to the Justice 4 Jimmy rally in Leeds’ Rhounday Park? Thats Jimmy Savile.

@rabbitaway issued a call to arms:

Not afraid to speak up for those that cannot. Roundhay Park Leeds October 29th 1pm JUSTICE FOR JIMMY SAVILE JOIN US


Oct 29th Roundhay Park #Leeds 1pm – Justice For Jimmy Savile – Time to reclaim Jimmy’s good name – Join Us !

Any takers?

Don’t miss the chance to experience GENUINE LOVE – complete strangers walking around a lake in #Leeds with warmth in their hearts !

On Leeds Forum rabbitaway notes:

I wonder how many people in Leeds think that what happened to Jimmy Savile was not right – Is it fair that the claims made against Sir Jimmy were just accepted without Police investigation ? We have been investigating the matter for the last year now and we believe that it’s time for ordinary people to have a voice and a say in the matter.

We have organised an event in Leeds in Roundhay Park at 1pm on the second anniversary of Jimmy’s death – 29th October – I’m not allowed to add a link to the blog with further info but I am on twitter as is Moor Larkin a fellow investigator – thanks for reading – Have a nice day !

Google Jimmycannotfixthis walk – you should get to the page describing the event and reasons behind it

Pop Bitch reports

Of the people who turned up, six were journalists looking for a story; four were police or park security, and the number of actual Savile supporters? Erm… three.

Well, Peter Sutcliffe would have been there but, you know, he’s locked up…

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