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Peru Day of the Dead: Losing A Loved One At Nueva Esperanza Cemetery

by | 1st, November 2013


PERU Day of the Dead:¬†Domitia Alaca, 77, stands amid tombs unable to locate her father’s grave in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery, during the Day of the Dead celebrations in Lima, Peru, Friday, Nov. 1, 2013. According to local authorities, Nueva Esperanza cemetery is the second largest cemetery in the world. Alaca eventually gave up her search.

The souls of departed loved ones are being honoured around Latin America as celebrants blend pre-Columbian rituals with the Roman Catholic observance of all Saint’¬ís Day on Nov. 1 and All Soul’s Day on Nov. 2.

Clown Chupa Mechas manipulates his puppet on the top of a grave .

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A family wait for customers for their makeshift bathroom they built in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery.




A musician who identifies himself as Joel, carries his harp as he walks along a path in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery looking for customers.




A flower seller waits





Elvira Luque sits under the protection of an umbrella rigged to two branches, as she keeps vigil at her grandmother’s tomb.







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