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What’s The Worst Part About Working At Google? The People Are Too Smart And Talented

by | 4th, November 2013


WHAT’S  the worst part about working at Google ? That question was posed to readers of Business Insider. Some answers err on the creepy side of Norman Bates’ slippers. A selection now follow:


When it’s standard to be awesome, and the work isn’t particularly tough to begin with, it’s hard to differentiate…

Some people end up losing their drive by working at Google. They get accustomed to not trying their hardest, but still having an awesome day-to-day life.

Some caveats: Many Googlers are clearly among the brightest in the world in their field, and they’re able to run full stride in their work. If you take your career into your own hands, you can find a role that challenges and stretches you as much as any other job in the world.


 Everywhere you turn one person is more impressive than the next.

I often say Google has a great problem: Too many outstanding people. For example, when I left, my direct reports were outstanding, my boss was outstanding, my peers were outstanding, my boss’s boss was outstanding, my boss’ peers were outstanding.


The environment is amazing, people are smart and decent, Google’s mission is something to be proud of as an employee… I’ve always said that Google is hands-down the best corporate in the world. You get to work with incredible products, inspiring people, enjoy amazing perks, have unforgettable experiences, and get paid very well. It’s all so incredibly easy. And that’s the best part and the worst part about working at Google.


…I don’t mean to seem overly negative about Google — I feel it is among the top bigger tech companies to work for. I believe that they do honestly try to make things better.


Such are the facts…



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