Anorak News | Dubai Court Debates Meaning Of ‘F*ck Off’ Over ‘F*ck You’

Dubai Court Debates Meaning Of ‘F*ck Off’ Over ‘F*ck You’

by | 5th, November 2013




“MY client is a Canadian citizen and f*ck off is not an insult in Canada… but f*ck you is a curse and an insult. F*ck off is commonly used when a person expresses themselves metaphorically and asks another person, who angered them, to walk away,” says Uday Al Kazwini of Dar Al Balagh Advocates and Legal Consultants. He’s representing a 43-year-old Canadian before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court.

The Canadian is accused of swearing at an Egyptian worker from the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat).

Kazwini goes on:

“The Egyptian claimant alleged that my client told him f*ck you. Well f*ck you is a curse but my client did not use that term. The defendant admitted to prosecutors that he said f*ck off and he meant to ask the claimant to leave him alone and walk away after the two indulged in a heated argument.”

The alleged victim, a 29-year-old man, alleges the defendant approached the Etisalat counter at Mirdif City Centre and used foul language against him. He says:

“When I attended his complaint pertaining to one of our services and told him that there had been a delay, he got angry. When he called me useless, I thanked him… then he told me f*ck you twice and told me to shut my mouth. I walked out of the counter towards him wanting to calm him down… but my colleagues stopped me and the situation was restrained immediately. Then I complained to the police.”

The Canadian wanted to check his bills:

“The claimant treated me with disrespect and behaved with me in an inappropriate and unacceptable manner. He threw the token number in my face and asked me to wait. He got angry when I asked him to check his records because it was the fourth time I had visited the counter to check on that ongoing problem. I told him f*ck off and not f*ck you.”

To avoid culture issues, Anorak advises expressing shock and dismay with the more ambivalent “f*ck me”.

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