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How’s ‘Making Government Cool Again’ Working Out For Obama?

by | 5th, November 2013


HOW’S coolness working out for Obama?

On September 11, 2008, Ben mMith write in Politico:

“Barack Obama addressed the wide distaste for government… ‘Our campaign from the beginning has been about changing government,’ he said, recalling some great accomplishments of American government: Civil rights legislation, the interstate highway system, and the National Park system. Obama would, he said, ‘transform Washington’ and ‘make government cool again.'”


In other news, former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden had a few words on NSA spooky grass Edward Snowden (he watches everyone):

The retired spymaster was speaking at a Washington Post forum on cyber security recently when he acknowledged that NSA leaker Edward Snowden has been nominated for a human rights award. Hayden quipped, “I must admit in my darker moments over the past several months, I’d also thought of nominating Mr. Snowden but it was for a different list.”

After leaving the NSA, Hayden became CIA director in 2006. One Senator Obama voted against his appointment to protest the NSA’s surveillance on Americans.

Obama just like George Bush. And how cool was he?

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