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The 33 Whitest And Blackest Jobs In America

by | 10th, November 2013

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WHAT are the top 33 Whitest Jobs in the USA? One would hesitate to guess that Number 1 would be Head Klansman, followed by Ice Hockey Professional, national newspaper editor, ambassadors to European nations (all are white), spies in Russia and US Senators.

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What jobs do blacks do?

African-Americans represent 13.1 percent of the U.S. population and 11.6 percent of the labor force, according to a 2012 U.S. Department of Labor report. Nearly one in five African-American workers hold government jobs such as mail clerks, firefighters and teachers, the report said.

“There’s a long tradition of the public sector being more friendly, or less hostile, to African-American workers,” said Robert Zieger, emeritus professor of history at the University of Florida in Gainesville. “The Post Office is the best example.”

African-Americans make up about 20 percent of U.S. Postal Service workers – and are the majority in some urban centers, representing 75 percent to 80 percent of the 5,000 letter carriers in the Chicago area, according to Mack Julion, president of the Chicago branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers.




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