Anorak News | Daily Mirror Fury: English ‘Nazis’ Rampage In Oxfordshire And Robin Van Persie’s Manchester United Attack The Arsenal On Remembrance Day

Daily Mirror Fury: English ‘Nazis’ Rampage In Oxfordshire And Robin Van Persie’s Manchester United Attack The Arsenal On Remembrance Day

by | 11th, November 2013


THE Daily Mirror leads with news of Brad Pitt ruining Remembrance Day by hanging out with actors dressed as Nazis in Shirburn, Oxon. The population of Shirburn is around 100.

Fury as director of Brad Pitt film stages Nazi war scenes in English village on REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY

Whose fury? It turns out that the film is called Fury. But no-one from Shirburn says they are furious. They expected the noise. Location manager Lee Robertson, wrote to residents on behalf of Pinewood Studios: “There will be intermittent controlled gunfire and explosives throughout our filming.We would like to thank you in advance for putting up with us and making it possible to film at such a great location.” But there’s no mention of that in the Mirror. Instead we get:

Bosses on Brad Pitt’s new movie sparked outrage yesterday by filming Nazi battle scenes in an English village on the day our nation honours its war dead. The silence on what should have been a sombre Remembrance Day morning was shattered in an extremely insensitive manner.

You mean at 11am the toy guns went bang-bang?

Controversial US film director David Ayer unleashed a volley of explosions and gunfire in the quiet English ­countryside at 4am while an army of extras dressed as Nazi soldiers rampaged over fields.

Er,.. At 4am? Granted most people are pretty quiet at 4am. But that not because they are being respectful. That ‘s because they are asleep. Bug the Mirror manages to fine someone furious with outrage:

“This was grotesquely disrespectful and offensive. I can’t believe I wore an SS uniform on Remembrance Sunday.”


“But this is what I do and I cannot just walk off set for the sake of a principle, especially in this economic climate.”

You make your choices to be “grotesque”, “principled” or earn a few quid. You are only obeying orders. And is linking the “disgrace” to austerity a way to implicating David Cameron and the Tories in this horror? Yeah, of course it is. The Mirror is that pathetic and monocular.

Who else was upset?

The parish council at nearby Watlington wrote and asked them to halt filming this weekend, but the plea was ignored. Chairman Ian Hill said: “Whoever is responsible is insensitive. A letter has been sent to express our feelings of how inappropriate it was for Sherman tanks to be rolling across the ­countryside while explosions were being let off. Local people are very angry.”

Not all of them. The Henley Standard led with: “Villagers aflutter as Brad Pitt comes to town.” Kim Emerson told the BBC: “We’re kind of lucky enough that we live in a semi-film set. There’s always something going on whether it’s Midsomers… Sherlock Holmes… so we’re kind of getting pretty used to it now.”

This barrage of balls is only added to when an MP steps in to talk:

Shadow Defence Minister Kevan Jones added: “I’m astonished producers would not consider it to be ­inappropriate to film such scenes on Remembrance Sunday. And it is ­outrageous appeals from locals to reconsider plans to film on such an occasion were ignored.”

It’s pretty outrageous that a man who could have big say in the defence of the realm thinks actors playing bang-bang is in any equitable with actual war. Although Tom Cruise would surely back him up.

PS – On the back page, the Mirror sees fit to sue Remembrance DAy as pun to describe a football between Robin Van Persie and Arsenal. That’s outrageous…



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