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Blackburn Teacher Suspended For Sniffing Pupils’ Feet

by | 11th, November 2013

sniffing feetTO a Blackburn primary school. A teacher has been suspended. It is claimed that he sniffed and tickled four children’s feet. The male teacher has been arrested on suspicion of  “assault by touching”.

The story goes that the students went fully dressed into school. They were then asked to remove their shoes and socks and sit on a desk. They were invited to chose a card saying Tickle’ or ‘Sniff’ depending on which card they chose.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports the words of one mum: “I am deeply concerned and I feel everyone should know what has been happening so it can be properly looked into. This is so confusing for children. My son said he was picked up and put on a table, his shoes and socks taken off. Then he had to pick a card saying tickle or sniff. How can under-tens make any sense of that?”

Under tens? Nine year olds? Anorak can recall when the average nine-year-old was a cheeky so-and-so with all the wit and lip. Have the kinder been scarred by this episode? It’s unusual, admittedly, but we don’t know the context?

The mother adds: “I didn’t know anything about this and was called into school to be told my son had been questioned by police.

Another mum adds: “It’s just really worrying to me. My daughter wasn’t one of the kids questioned, but I am just as concerned as those parents are. The kids think it is all a game but I think it needs looking into.”

Maybe it was a game. Maybe the kids are right, and alright?

One thing is certain: that teacher’s career at the school is over.

Oh, brave new world…

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