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Tabloid Balls: Cressida Bonas Dressed As Adam Lanza For Nazi-Themed Tom Cruise-Inspired Party

by | 12th, November 2013

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FIRST Prince Harry dressed up a comedy Nazi.Now the Sun reports that another “toff” has donned the feldgrau:

TOFF in a Swastika outfit partied with Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas — but insisted last night: “I wasn’t a Nazi, I was an officer who tried to kill Hitler.”

He dressed as a failure?

Eton-educated financier Alex Stanbury, 34, chose the German military uniform for a zombie-themed bash attended by posh revellers including Princess Beatrice. Cressida, 24, mixed with the Iron Cross wearing reveller — reviving memories of her boyfriend Prince Harry’s Nazi uniform gaffe.

Got that? La Bonas (guffaw) went to a party where a man dressed as a Nazi, you know like “toff” Ed Balls did, and snooty Lemmy and the high-mannered Sid Vicious.

And later she “liked” a snap of the outfit on social media.

You can “like” these.

Alex, 34, insisted he was pretending to be “good Nazi” Claus von Stauffenberg — the German soldier played by Tom Cruise in the movie Valkyrie — who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944.

The Sun should have ignored the Nazis and led with “Bonas Toff Pal Dresses As Scientology Nutjob Tom Cruise”. That would have got him damned to hell.

Speaking from his £2million pad in Putney, South West London, Alex said: “I apologise to anyone that may have taken offence to it, that was not my intention. But in my defence I wasn’t a Nazi, I was Von Stauffenberg who tried to kill Hitler.”

The poor sod. Two mill gets you a studio flat in those parts. But come the revolution…

Up to 1,000 jet-setters including singer James Blunt were invited to the £100,000 bash at Carphone Warehouse tycoon David Ross’s sprawling mansion in Leicestershire. Cressida wore rounds of ammunition slung over her shoulders like a Rambo character. She stuck close to Beatrice, 25, who wore a French military uniform.

Beatrice dressed a French soldier…  Napoleon or Marshal Philippe Pétain, leader of Vichy France? And cressida dressed as Rambo, Adam Lanza or a Call of Duty whacko?

A party-goer told The Sun: “…sadly Cressida wasn’t aware of the implications of partying with people dressed as Nazis.”

What are the implications of that, then? That’s you still read Beatrix Potter?

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