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Madeleine McCann: The Sun Cooks The Figures On Kate McCann’s Charity Appeal For Missing People

by | 12th, November 2013

MADELEINE McCann: A look at the missing child in the news:

IBTimes: “Madeleine McCann Hunt: Witness ‘Disturbed’ by Encounter with Praia da Luz Suspect”

Police officers trying to discover what happened to Madeleine McCann have strengthened a lead thanks to a new report by a British holidaymaker.


The woman, who does not want to be named, told how she and her daughter were approached by a man near to where Madeleine vanished in the weeks before the little girl’s disappearance in 2007.

Go on.

The woman’s description of the stranger matches that given by two other witnesses in the holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

Three people on holiday saw a person they didn’t know. And…

All three witnesses said they had been “disturbed” by the encounter.

Physically disturbed?

The anonymous mother said: “I knew there was something wrong with him. I just wanted to get away from him. I felt he was trying to usher us down a cobbled street. I could see his accomplice sitting a way away watching us. He was pretending that he wasn’t with the other guy, I could tell,” reported The Sun.

How does she know he was “pretending”?

Her experience echoes that of Gail Cooper who was approached by a similar looking man. She claimed she was targeted while staying at the same resort as the McCanns. Police interviewed her no less than three times about it. Cooper said: “He was very intimidating and staring. My grandchildren were in the pool. I just wanted him to go. It wasn’t until later that I made the connection to Maddie.”

In other news.

Metro: “Madeleine McCann T-shirt stunt: Wandsworth Prison officer sacked and four others disciplined”

“A prison officer has been sacked and four others disciplined after photos of them wearing T-shirts saying ‘We Have Madeleine McCann’ during a drunken night out were posted on Facebook.

Sacked for a lame joke that others have made?

They were among at least seven staff on a ‘boys’ weekend’ when the images were taken.

They weren’t at work. They were sacked for making a joke in their spare time.

The pictures were on Facebook for two months before being brought to the attention of their bosses at Wandsworth Prison, London. But a colleague told Metro it was ‘despicable’ that some involved in the incident were still working at the jail. He said: ‘It makes me sick to think just because they work for the prison service that they should get away with this disrespectful behaviour. ‘If I was the mother or father of Madeleine McCann I would want to know about this.’”

Why would she wants to know about four drunken fools?

The Sun then tells its readers: “Sun plea reunites 100 kids with folks.” This, we are told, pleases Kate McCann.  It is also balls.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.52.59


The story:

A CHARITY billboard campaign launched in The Sun by Kate McCann has helped find 100 missing youngsters… Kate, mum of missing Madeleine, launched the campaign in July last year, begging Sun readers to look at the ads.

So. Sun readers had the missing kids?

The ambassador for Missing People will announce the results tomorrow at a gala dinner in London.

Missing People is a charity. The 100 people reunited with their “folks” were not all “kids”. Far from it. The charity classifies children as under-18s. Most of the missing people reunited with loved ones were older than that. It was clearly a positive and well-run campaign. But 100 kids were NOT reunited with their parents.

Such are the facts.

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