Anorak News | Roberto Di Matteo Still Being Paid Daft Amounts Of Money By Chelsea

Roberto Di Matteo Still Being Paid Daft Amounts Of Money By Chelsea

by | 13th, November 2013


LIKE feeling depressed? Money a bit tight and worried about Christmas? Well, check this – Roberto Di Matteo is still being paid £130,000-a-week by Chelsea.

The Italian was sacked by Chelsea 12 months ago and the club are still picking up the tab and all RDM has to do is sit and watch Jeremy Kyle all day and keep his mouth shut.

Remarkably, Di Matteo didn’t even agree a pay-off settlement when he got the chop at Stamford Bridge, yet, he’ll still see his bank account ticking over nicely until he gets a new job.

Of course, with someone putting over half a million quid in your account every month, you’d be in no rush to get down the job centre to check out managerial vacancies. He’s got ’til June 2014 to have a lovely time getting rich while vacantly staring into the fridge every 10 minutes through peckish boredom.

Di Matteo has reportedly turned down several offers from clubs abroad and in the Premier League and it isn’t likely that there’s many sides out there who can match his lucrative £6.76m annual salary he was earning at Chelsea.

Seeing as there’s going to be a job at Craven Cottage going soon, he invariably won’t be taking that either as Fulham and Chelsea aren’t exactly the best of pals.

Chelsea have form in this too. Remember Winston Bogarde? He signed for Chelsea in the 2000–01 season and, despite sparse appearances for the club, and thrilled and surprised at his own salary, he stuck it out picking up £40,000 a week.

Bogarde said of his wages for nothing: “This world is about money, so when you are offered those millions you take them. Few people will ever earn so many. I am one of the few fortunates who do. I may be one of the worst buys in the history of the Premiership but I don’t care.” When his contract ran out, he retired.

Nice work if you can get it.

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