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Why Have The Tories Been Hiding All Their Speeches Under Their Beds?

by | 13th, November 2013


ONCE, politicians were thrilled with their speeches. They’d be written down and shared and MPs would pat themselves on the back, all the way to the House of Lords.

However, the Conservatives have been acting really weird and looking for all the world like they’re ashamed of their past.

They have attempted to erase a record of all party speeches from the internet; the ones given in the decade before they came to power. What are they up to?

Computer Weekly said the party had not only removed the archive (from 2000 to its election in May 2010) from its own website, but it had also deleted them from the record of search engines. Russia used to like wiping things from history, but Tories don’t like it when you liken them to the Eastern Bloc.

Apparently, the party used a robot blocker to force the Internet Archive to remove the entire record of speeches and news it had collected in 1,158 snapshots from the Conservatives’ website since May 1999.

CW said: “The erasure had the effect of hiding Conservative speeches in a secretive corner of the internet like those that shelter the military, secret services, gangsters and paedophiles.”

So what are the Tories saying? “We’re making sure our website keeps the Conservative Party at the forefront of political campaigning.” These changes allow people to quickly and easily access the most important information we provide – how we are clearing up Labour’s economic mess, taking the difficult decisions and standing up for hardworking people.”

MAYBE, they’re getting rid of all the big claims they made and can’t deliver on, so we can’t call bullshit on their breaking election promises?

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