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Elina Desaine: Britain’s Most Promiscuous Student Has Only Slept With 16 People

by | 16th, November 2013

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YOU’VE come a long way baby: Elina Desaine, 20, is “Britain’s horniest student”. The third year Exeter University computer science scholar won £500, a crate of alcohol and a year’s supply of condoms. The Mail and Metro tell us that she has had sex with “up to three men a week”.




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Double bang!


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The news of woman who actually has sex and enjoys it reached New York:


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Miss Desaine reveals her plan for budding shaggers: “I try to keep a list of all my conquests so I don’t forget but sometimes I have to put descriptions or question marks instead of names… I hope employers see it as a bit of fun and it shows I am more confident than the average girl.”

Job’s yours.





It turns out that Miss Desaine is being used to promote ShagatUni, a website. It tells us:

AFTER our month long search across the UK we uncovered hundreds of sex-mad students who were desperate to be crowned Shag at Uni’s newly created title. But today we are pleased to announce that Elina Desaine, 20, from Exeter University is officially the UK’s Horniest Student. She beat off…

She says in her pitch:

I should be the UK’s horniest student because I have sex with at least 2 / 3 different people a week. Sometimes i go clubbing, have sex with someone, and then go back to the club to pick up my second victim. Feeling horny right now, so might just text someone on my ‘shag list’ and do it in the computer room (I’ve done this before, was great!) With your help of Alcohol, I will be able to become an even Hornier Student!

Any proof?

Tom Thurlow, creator of the student dating site commented, “As soon as I saw Elina’s entry I knew we had a particularly wild girl on our hands. I love the fact she uses her position in the computer science club to have sex in the computer room. She even told me how the computer science club is perfect because it’s full of guys! After meeting with Elina personally I am 100% confident I have found the horniest student in the country.”

STOP PRESS: The Horniest Student Is the UK is not a man but a woman in a bikini!

How many people has she shagged in her three years at Uni at the headline-making 2/3 a week?

Elina claims to have slept with 16 different guys whilst at university…

Not quite three a week is it. More that just over 5 a year.

In other news:

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Such are the facts.

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